Book Review: The Power Of Failure: Succeeding In An Age Of Innovation By Fran Tarkenton

By Dick Morris on November 3, 2015

I never played football, but I do know something about another contact sport: Politics. And I know something about failure, too. That’s why I loved Fran Tarkenton’s new book, The Power of Failure.

Whether in football or in business, Tarkenton explains how failure teaches you all you need to succeed. President John F. Kennedy once picked up this theme saying: “I have good judgment. It comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.”

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In his book, Tarkenton tells the fascinating experience about how his football career — and its remarkable success — was fueled by failure. But he also relates how the process of trial and error — attempting, failing, and then succeeding — should be at the core of any entrepreneur whether in business, politics, sports, entertainment, or writing.

His chapters on its application in business reminded me of another quote, this one a story about a guy who went into business with a friend. “He had all the experience and I had the money,” he recalls. “Now he has the money and I have the experience” he concludes with bitter irony.

But in an era of innovation, where past texts and precedents count for little and we are all making up the rules as we proceed, it is only through trial and error that we can really succeed. Tarkenton argues that an obsessive focus on the bottom line for each quarter inhibits the very risk taking that is vital to success. He condemns a corporate culture that treats failure as a death sentence and types someone as a “winner” or a “loser.”

Faced with the fear of failure, we all tend to hold back, to keep one foot on home base, as we venture out into new fields. Tarkenton rejects this thinking as a precursor of failure. He urges us to “buy a one way ticket,” citing approvingly the example of the Spanish explorer Cortez who burned his ships once he landed in the unexplored new land of Mexico.

He stands on its head the idea that “failure is not an option.” Indeed, he assures us that it is not only an option, but a hallowed and necessary way station on the path to success.

To Purchase The Power Of Failure By Fran Tarkenton — Click Here Now!

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