By Dick Morris on September 28, 2007

The latest FoxNews poll shows a big gain for Hillary in a trial matchup with Rudy Giuliani. In the current poll, taken on September 26th, Hillary leads by eight points, 46-39. This compares with a previous lead of only five points in July and a deficit of three points in June:

Fox News Poll Head to Head
Date Hillary Rudy
Dec 6 2006 39 48
Feb 14 2007 40 49
Mar 28 2007 44 45
Jun 6 2007 42 45
Jul 18 2007 46 41
Sep 26 2007 46 39

Why is Rudy slowing and Hillary gaining? The obvious answer is the decreasing saliency of the terrorism issue. As voters become more confident that we will not be attacked again, the need for Giuliani drops and their willingness to back Hillary increases.

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