Biden’s Record Of Failure

By Dick Morris on December 20, 2021

Only rarely has the first year of a presidency been as characterized by failure as has Biden’s. Only the administrations of Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, and John F Kennedy (Bay of Pigs) have seen as much failure in their first year as has Joe Biden.

Domestically, inflation, illegal immigration, crime, and COVID have consumed his opening year. Only an emergency stimulus package — largely crafted by the Trump Administration — and an infrastructure measure — rescued from oblivion by nineteen Republican Senators — have survived to make it into the history books.

Despite control of both houses, Biden has failed to pass:

Voting rights

Climate change

Competition for prescription drugs

Capital gains tax changes

Trans-gender sports

CRT instruction in schools

The Build Back Better program

Raising the minimum wage

Expanding Obamacare

The PRO program on unionization

Filibuster reform

Ending Remain in Mexico

Supreme Court reform

Expanding the child tax credit

Amnesty for DACAs

Diverting Police Funding

Bail reform

Repeal of federal minimum sentencing

Ending catch and release at the border

Packing the National Labor Relations Board

Packing the Federal Elections Commission

Expanding Medicare

Expanding gun control

Extension of Higher Unemployment Benefits

Expanding IRS Access to bank account data

Beyond this graveyard of hopes, fantasies, and dreams lies his failures in foreign affairs.

From his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan to his failure to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions to his current ineffectiveness in deterring Moscow and Beijing from invading Ukraine and Taiwan, to his begging OPEC and Russia to raise fossil fuel production, to his opening up the floodgates for aid to the Palestinians, his foreign record has been as dismally unsuccessful as his domestic output,

What a catalogue of failure and incompetence, a record about to be capped by massive reversals in the 2022 elections.

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