Biden’s New Pro-Iran Policy

By Dick Morris on February 7, 2022

The lifting of sanctions against Iran is a disaster. Iran gets access to $28 billion sequestered and frozen in Western banks, a lifting of the oil embargo, and access to the SWIFT banking system. All these concessions are in return for absolutely nothing.

They are tantamount, at the least, to a surrender of the goal of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons, a goal the current administration never really shared.

But, worse, the administration’s decision to lift the sanctions against Iran reflects not so much weakness as a radical change in American policy and priorities.

In the new paradigm of the administration’s values, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are evil purveyors of racism, inequity, and injustice. On the other hand, Iran and its satellites — Lebanon, Syria, and the rebels in Yemen — are our future allies.

Ever since he bet his entire administration’s priorities on achieving a nuclear deal with Iran, Obama’s goal was not so much to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons as appeasing Tehran and inducing it to enter into an alliance with the US.

An alliance with Iran?

In the perverted world view of the State Department deep state and the radical left, there is nothing wrong with Iran. The hostage crisis was a blow against the Shah’s heritage of repression and American imperialism, no reason to hold it against Iran. In the State Department’s value-neutral world, Iran is a viable alternative to the Trump Administration’s focus on building a coalition of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf monarchies.

Its aspiration to become the central regional power in the Near East need not be anathema to the US if only we can get over our obsession with supporting Israel, something the State Department has opposed since the country’s founding in 1947,

And, from the perspective of the radical, anti-Semitic left, Iran, its Hamas ally, and the Palestinians are the good guys while America and Israel are the villains.

So, what if Iran goes nuclear? It only really endangers Israel, and we can live with it. Non-proliferation is an untenable goal, and we can live with a nuclear Iran just like we do with North Korea.

Biden and the left have, in effect, switched sides and now back Iran and oppose Israel.

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