Biden’s Misplaced Secret Documents Were Stored At Chinese-Funded Think Tank

By Dick Morris on January 10, 2023

The recent admission by Biden officials that a number of classified documents have been found in a box at a think tank run by Biden raises very serious national security concerns because of one salient fact, largely unmentioned by the media — the box was being stored at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank largely funded by anonymous donations from China.

The Penn Biden Center, started when he vacated the vice-presidency, was launched with an anonymous donation of $22 million from Chinese sources. Penn refuses to reveal the names of the sources, but it is likely that they are connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden, himself, received $1 million per year from the Penn Biden Center to act as an honorary professor at the university and Antony Blinken, the future Secretary of State, served as executive director of the Center. It was a home away from home for the Biden foreign policy elite during the period that he was out of office.

That secret materials were illegally stored there — and may have been accessed by China — raises national security concerns that need investigation.

If former president Trump is to be scrutinized for keeping documents in the basement of his own home, then Biden storing documents within easy reach of the Chinese most certainly merits investigation.

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