Biden’s Downfall

By Dick Morris on May 12, 2021

A clear strategy is beginning to emerge that the Republicans should use to take down Biden and the Democrats.

The basis of this approach is the realization that voter turnout has increased hugely and permanently. In 1996, 100 million people voted for president. In 2020, 159 million people did, shattering the previous record by upwards of almost 30 million votes.

This vast increase in turnout is here to stay. Its political significance is that pollsters and politicians must drill down past the layer of normal likely voters into those who usually do not vote but turned out in 2020 and may be expected to do so in the future. These voters have vastly different priorities and interests from the usual electorate that comes to the polls. The normal national issues of the economy, jobs, immigration, the environment, education, and the elderly will not have a monopoly on their attention.

Particularly as Biden adopts the rhetoric and goals of the radical left, a host of new issues are going to come in to play that, in past elections, were simply interesting footnotes to the process. Do not look for these issues on the nightly news or in the pages of our major newspapers. Look instead to human interest features, religious channels, and other non-prime programming that will capture the imagination of the atypical voter.

Issues such as:

• Gender change surgery

• Participation of biological males in girls sports

• The impact of critical race theory on mixed race couples

• The teaching of a leftist curriculum in American schools

• The impact of marijuana legalization on traffic fatalities

• Adoption issues surrounding transgender couples

• Big Tech monopolies

• Data mining by Big Tech to control our purchasing preferences

• Forcing independent entrepreneurs and freelancers onto corporate payrolls and into unions

• Prioritizing medical treatment based on race to compensate for past discrimination

• Reparations for slavery

• Ending solitary confinement in prison

• Ending life sentences

• Genetic engineering and test tube babies

• Euthanasia

• Legalization hard drugs

• Reconstructing public buildings and schools to accommodate trans youths

…And a host of your wishes are about to make their turns in the spotlight.

As Biden and the far-left stake out revolutionary positions on these issues and pass the legislation through a compliant and supine House of Representatives, these controversies may play the decisive role in future elections.

Especially with Biden’s huge spending programs, fiscal policies and their economic consequence are thought to be the key issues of the next election cycle. But these questions are most important to the traditional voting electorate and not particularly salient to those whose participation in politics is only episodic and marginal.

It is by focusing on these other “lifestyle” issues that Republicans and conservatives can rack up large margins. Particularly among Hispanics, the extreme deviation from our national values and norms that is inherent in the Democratic agenda is likely to continue to produce big shifts in voting patterns.

It is under these trees that Republicans and Conservatives should dig.


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