Biden’s Coming ‘October Surprise’ — Count On It!

By Dick Morris on October 5, 2022

The world has become a dangerous place, made especially so when both the leaders of the United States and Russia are “cornered” and, yes, quite desperate.

As Ukraine wages a successful counter-offensive, Russian dictator Putin faces a serious humiliation.

His army is in full retreat and could be crushed.

Interestingly, Biden faces his own humiliation. A political one, but a serious humiliation, nonetheless.

So, each leader thinks he is fighting for his very existence in power.

The stakes are extremely high.

If Putin is defeated in Ukraine, he could be swept from power, in a best case.

In a worst case, he will be assassinated.

If Biden loses, Congress will become Republican, and its increasingly possible both the Senate and House will fall to the GOP.

Biden will face massive Congressional inquiries into his dirty laundry.

Republicans will want to know how the DOJ and FBI have become weaponized.

They’ll want to know about the horrendous, over-the-top abuse of power we all witnessed with the FBI raid.

Biden also fears a real investigation into Hunter’s laptop and the role “the big guy” played in all of his son’s business dealings.

This won’t be pretty – and will make any prayer of Biden’s re-election very dark.

Joe Biden needs an October surprise to survive the coming tsunami Democrats face this November.

His pathetic attempt to shift attention on to Donald Trump with his ant-MAGA speech has failed.

In my new book, The Return, I warned repeatedly that the 2022 mid-terms would be the first real battle of the 2024 presidential election.

Whatever party wins 2022 will be in a superior position to win the White House in 2024.

Biden knows this.

And so does Trump.

Trump and I have spoken many times about what’s really in play in 2022.

I think it’s a key reason he not only praised my book, The Return, but told his supporters to “get it now” and buy it.

Trump is unlike other politicians.

He wants you to know both what his enemies are trying to do against him, and how he will respond.

Donald Trump loves a fight.

Yes, a Biden October surprise is coming.

With inflation soaring, the housing and stock markets collapsing, oil prices rising, and a border in crisis underway — he and his advisers know only a “wag the dog” event can save him.

In The Return, I lay out what this “surprise” might be – a military action, an economic one, or another, bigger legal hit on Trump.

Trump is already preparing a massive response.

That’s in The Return too.

Buckle up friends, the next 30+ days may be the most shocking ones we have seen in a very long time.

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