Biden Will Be Least Powerful President Since Carter

By Dick Morris on January 21, 2021

Long before he faces the problems of dealing with the opposition party, Biden will be beset by conflict among his own Democrats. The progressive wing of his party will incessantly push him to the left to satisfy their most extreme agenda.

His inaugural address is a case in point.

As is evident from its exalted text, it was meant to be an uplifting, conciliatory speech eloquently appealing for unity and an end to vengeful partisanship.

But with Biden’s Congressional Democrats and their leaders adamant in seeking revenge against Donald Trump — even as he becomes a private citizen– its message was as hollow as a paean to the joys of marriage in a divorce court. Every sentence, every syllable was jammed by the specter of blood thirsty partisans clamoring for their pound of flesh in seeking to convict and oust a president who will be long gone by then. Only a hot tempered desire to kick Trump when he’s down could justify their actions.

The Biden cabinet is filled with moderates who will do their best to preserve the status quo from the howling leftists outside.

I’m reminded of Jimmy Carter’s cabinet. After campaigning as an outsider, another president who pledged to conquer the swamp, his cabinet of retreads and holdovers spoke of his inability to select a team of outsiders committed to change.

In the end, the Carter presidency fell into the gap between his party’s (and Speaker Tip O’Neill’s) desire to do business as usual and the commitment to change articulated by his political base.

Even before he was sworn in, Biden was whipsawed between Title IX of the Civil Rights Law, mandating equality between male and female athletes and the demands of the LGBT-Q community that trans-gender athletes be allowed to compete with girls in high school and college sports on equal terms with real women.

The predictable result was that former men (many of whom had not undergone surgical change but just declared themselves to be women) won every match and garnered every scholarship against their over-matched real female opponents.

President Trump acted to preserve the intent of Title IX by litigating against treating trans males as women. That likely was Biden’s preference, but, pressured by his gay supporters, he caved and moved to the left.

Before long everyone will realize that the path to power lies through the offices of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and, probably, Susan Rice and that they owe Biden nothing more than the polite pretense of respect.


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