Biden Vs. The Truth: A Rebuttal To Biden’s Speech

By Dick Morris on April 29, 2021

BIDEN SAID: We inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century.The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

TRUTH: You inherited a pandemic that had largely run its course. You inherited an economy that had already replaced half the jobs we lost during the plague. And the mob of misfits that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, armed only with Trump banners, was a bit less of an “attack on our democracy” than Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Lincoln and the Kennedy assassinations.

BIDEN SAID: “After I promised 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in 100 days – we will have provided over 220 million COVID shots in 100 days.”

TRUTH: Trump developed, produced, and got approval for the vaccines. Biden has presided over the full inoculation of only 30% of American adults.

BIDEN SAID: We’re making one of the largest one-time investments ever in improving health care for veterans.

TRUTH: While pumping more money into the VA, Biden still severely limits the ability of vets to get private medical care despite the long lines at the VA.

BIDEN SAID: We are on track to cut child poverty in America in half this year.

TRUTH: When President Trump entered office, the poverty rate was 15%. When he left, it was 10%.

BIDEN SAID: “The economy created more than 1.3 million new jobs in 100 days.”

TRUTH: Under Trump, from May-December of 2020, the economy created 12.1 million jobs.

BIDEN SAID: “Throughout our history, public investments and infrastructure have transformed America.”

TRUTH: 65% of American infrastructure was privately developed and is still privately owned.

BIDEN SAID: This program would “create jobs by building a modern power grid. Our grids are vulnerable to storms, hacks, and catastrophic failures – with tragic results as we saw in Texas and elsewhere during winter storms.”

TRUTH: The power outages in Texas were largely caused by the failure of renewable resources in solar and wind generation failed.

BIDEN SAID: “There’s no reason the blades for wind turbines can’t be built in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing. No reason why American workers can’t lead the world in the production of electric vehicles and batteries.”

TRUTH: Electric batteries and wind turbines rely on rare earth minerals. While the US had a virtual monopoly on these minerals, it now has to import 80% of them from China because UN regulation put our rare earth mineral mines out of business.

BIDEN SAID: “I’m calling on Congress to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act – the PRO Act — and send it to my desk to support the right to unionize.”

TRUTH: The PRO act eliminates the right of workers to vote on whether or not a union should represent them, requires everyone in the workplace to join a union once it is formed, and makes it basically impossible to be self-employed.

BIDEN SAID: “By the way – let’s also pass the $15 minimum wage. No one should work 40 hours a week and still live below the poverty line.”

TRUTH: The Congressional Budget Office says that raising the minimum wage to $15 will eliminate 1.4 million jobs by 2025. And the Earned Income Tax Credit — paid only to those who work full time — has lifted 9 million Americans out of poverty without costing a single job.

BIDEN SAID: “To win the 21st Century.we also need to make a once-in-a-generation investment in our families – in our children.”

TRUTH: Money won’t solve the problems with our schools. The two jurisdictions that spend the most per pupil are DC and New York City. But DC ranks 50th (dead last) in reading scores and 47th in math. New York ranks 36th in reading and 37th in math

BIDEN SAID: “We add two years of free community college.”

TRUTH: Bill Clinton already set up the Hope Scholarship program giving a refundable tax credit equal to two years of community college. But states just cut back their support of community colleges by the amount of the federal subsidies, so they were not able to be free.

BIDEN SAID: “The American Families Plan puts money directly into the pockets of millions of families. We expanded a tax credit for every child in a family.”

TRUTH: The expanded child tax credit and the higher and longer unemployment benefits, and the expanded food stamp program, and the Obamacare subsidies give a four person family almost $100,000 in benefits each year, making it almost impossible for private employers to compete.

BIDEN SAID: “We pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world right here in America – nearly three times as much as other countries.We can change that.Let’s give Medicare the power to save hundreds of billions of dollars by negotiating lower prices for prescription drugs.”

TRUTH: Trump already did that, forcing drug companies to give American consumers the best price they give anyone in the world.

BIDEN SAID: “We’re going to reform corporate taxes so they pay their fair share – and help pay for the public investments their businesses will benefit from.”

TRUTH: The proposal would double corporate taxes. Before Trump took office US corporate taxes were the highest in the world. Under Trump, they fell to 14th. Now Biden would make them number one again. Every dollar paid in corporate taxes is one dollar less for wages or new jobs.

BIDEN SAID: “The big tax cut in 2017 was a huge windfall for corporate America and those at the very top”

TRUTH: The largest cut in taxes in the bill was the enactment of the expanded child tax credit to $2,000 per child. Biden now wants to increase that to $3,000 ($3600 for each child under 6). Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And, between 2019 and 2020, income for the bottom 10% rose by 9% while income for the top t0% rose by only 7%.

BIDEN SAID: “It’s time to grow the economy from the bottom up and middle-out.”

TRUTH: People at the bottom and the middle do not create jobs.

BIDEN SAID: “No one nation can deal with all the crises of our time alone – from terrorism to nuclear proliferation to mass migration, cybersecurity, climate change – and as we’re experiencing now, pandemics. There’s no wall high enough to keep a virus away.”

TRUTH: The US and Israel are the only nations to take aggressive action to forestall Iranian acquiring nuclear weapons. The others just tried to appease Iran. And the US has cut its carbon emissions more than any other country or group of countries.

BIDEN SAID: “As our own vaccine supply grows to meet our needs – and we are meeting them – we will become an arsenal of vaccines for other countries – just as America was the arsenal of democracy in World War II.”

TRUTH: With only 30% of US adults fully vaccinated, he is already planning to ship our vaccine doses to Central America and India.

BIDEN SAID: “On Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs that present a serious threat to America’s security and world security – we will be working closely with our allies to address the threats posed by both of these countries through diplomacy and stern deterrence.”

TRUTH: We are adopting the same policies of appeasement our allies have adopted toward Iran. We are in the process of reducing or eliminating the economic sanctions that brought Iran to its knees under Trump.

BIDEN SAID: I also want to thank the Senate for voting 94–1 to pass the COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act to protect Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from the vicious hate crimes we’ve seen this past year – and for too long.”

TRUTH: A study in Chicago of hate crimes this year against Asian-Americans indicates that 94% involved no violence, just verbal abuse. And, Biden refused to join the Trump Administration in supporting lawsuits by Asian-Americans against Ivy League colleges whose policies impose restrictive racial quotas on the admission of Asian-American students.

BIDEN SAID: Also hope Congress can get to my desk the Equality Act to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans.To all the transgender Americans watching at home — especially the young people who are so brave — I want you to know that your president has your back.

TRUTH: Biden’s Equality Act would discriminate against girls in school sports forcing them to compete with bigger, stronger, faster trans-gender men in athletic events. He would also force doctors to preform gender changing surgery on pre-pubescent children aged eleven and under.

BIDEN SAID: “And I need not tell anyone this, but gun violence is an epidemic in America.”

TRUTH: Biden opposes the only gun control measure that has ever succeeded in reducing street crime and homicides, the stop and frisk law in New York City.

BIDEN SAID: “Let’s end our exhausting war over immigration.For more than 30 years, politicians have talked about immigration reform and done nothing about it. It’s time to fix it.”

TRUTH: It was Biden’s promise of open borders that triggered the current mass migration to the US of unaccompanied minors and it will be his promise of amnesty that will keep it going.

BIDEN SAID: We need to extend protection to dreamers.

TRUTH: Republicans, including President Trump have long agreed to extend amnesty to the “dreamers.” The obstacle has been the Democrats who will not pass it without amendments that would open our borders to unlimited immigration.

BIDEN SAID: “And, permanent protections for immigrants on temporary protected status who come from countries beset by man–made and natural made violence and disaster.”

TRUTH: The vast bulk of immigration from Latin America has nothing to do with natural disasters. It is spurred by drug crime, gang violence, and a lack of economic opportunity. These are not and never were appropriate grounds for asylum or refugee status.

BIDEN SAID: “And if we are to truly restore the soul of America – we need to protect the sacred right to vote.”

TRUTH: The legislation passed in Georgia and other states does nothing to infringe on voting rights, it just limits the chance to cheat by requiring photo identification to register and to vote.

BIDEN SAID: “As we gather here tonight, the images of a violent mob assaulting this Capitol–desecrating our democracy–remain vivid in our minds.Lives were put at risk. Lives were lost. Extraordinary courage was summoned.The insurrection was an existential crisis–a test of whether our democracy could survive.”

TRUTH: Five people died — all demonstrators — the police officer who died turned out to have passed away from natural causes. The demonstrators, while inappropriate, unlawful, and disgusting were scarcely an “existential crisis testing whether our democracy could survive.”

BIDEN SAID: “It’s time we remembered that We the People are the government. You and I.”

TRUTH: This reveals more about Biden’s distorted view of current events than any other passage in the speech. We the People are not the government. We the people are the people. Duh!


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