Biden On Wrong Side Of History On Reopening

By Dick Morris on May 18, 2020

Joe Biden is increasingly critical of President Trump — and, by implication, America’s governors — for pressing ahead with reopening. Warning of a second wave of the virus in the fall, he says Trump should listen more to his scientists who are skittish about uncaging Americans.

But he is on the wrong side of history. We are, obviously, going to reopen and, it is increasingly apparent, without major ill effects.

For example, the record in Georgia, which reopened on April 24, is encouraging.

During the week of April 13, right before it reopened, Georgia had 256 virus deaths. But during the week of May 3, two weeks after reopening, it had 219 virus deaths. And the data for the week of May 10 seems to be about the same. No spike.

Likewise, no spike in Texas after it began reopening on April 17. During the week before reopening, there were 206 virus deaths.

During the week of May 11, a month later, there were still only 259 virus fatalities.

In Florida, which partially reopened on May 4 (but not in Miami/Dade) there was also no spike in virus deaths. During the week of April 27, before reopening, there were 305 deaths, but during the week of May 11, there were only 259.

In the face of such evidence, reopening is, obviously, around the corner except in the New York City metropolitan area.

So why is Biden locking himself into criticism of Trump for reopening too soon?

He reminds me of the polar bear featured in global warming ads precariously perched on a floating ice cap that is melting under his paws.

Not a good place for a presidential candidate to stand.

Biden’s position continues a losing streak that began at the end of January when he vigorously attacked Trump for banning travel from China, calling the president’s decision “xenophobic” and “fear-mongering.”

He was on the wrong side of history then, since Trump’s prompt action saved potentially hundreds of thousands of lives.

And he is on the wrong side of history now.


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