Biden Is The Ultimate Covid Casualty

By Dick Morris on January 10, 2022

When the president is wrong and it becomes clear to the entire country that he is, it leads to his political death very quickly. And so, Joe Biden’s political career is becoming the last Covid fatality.

Understandably, people are paying attention to the latest developments surrounding Covid more avidly than they have with any issue since Watergate and Vietnam. Several facts are becoming obvious to everybody except Joe Biden:

1. Omicron has replaced Delta and Wuhan as the dominant strain of the virus.

2. Omicron is very unlikely to kill people, especially children. It is an illness, like most others, debilitating but neither fatal or more protracted.

3. The current vaccines can mitigate the Omicron virus but apparently cannot stop its transmission. But they do stop the Delta or Wuhan variants that are both lethal and dangerous.

4. So, an unvaccinated person poses little risk to others but significant risk to himself.

5. The virus and the vaccines are so new that there can be no conclusive data about possible side effects from the shots.

6. Therefore, it is neither anti-social nor irresponsible not to get a shot. It is simply an individual’s right to decide. At worst an unvaccinated person is stupid and at best he is prescient, and we don’t know which yet.

Most Americans either now realize the truth of these postulates or soon will as more data become available.

So, Biden’s vaccine mandates are wrong. And they cause inflation through supply side bottlenecks, disruption of the careers and lives of innocent people by layoffs, hobble the economy by forcing business closures, and rip our schools apart forcing another year– the third — of no real schooling on our children. And Biden’s erroneous policies are becoming evident to every employee at his workplace and every child in their school.

But, like Johnson in Vietnam, Nixon in Watergate, Carter in the hostage crisis, Reagan in Iran-Contra, Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal, and Bush-41 in Iraq, Biden is stuck on the wrong side of history. And everybody is paying attention.

Covid was the issue that elected him, and it will yet be the death of his career.

It’s very hard for a 79-year-old man, never especially intellectually gifted even in his younger days, to realize he is mistaken and even harder to change his mind.

Biden’s other mistakes are cloaked in complexity, but this one is in Macy’s window for us all to see and it is destroying his presidency and his legacy.

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