Biden: Going, Going, Gone

By Dick Morris on October 25, 2022

On every side we see evidence that Biden is preparing for something between a graceful exit and a swift kick in the butt.

Asked if his age is a legitimate issue, he said “It is a legitimate concern to be concerned about anyone’s age, including mine…if I’m too old, eighty-six me.” (For the benefit of those of us who are under the age of 80, “86 me” is a reference to the era of prohibition when patrons at a Wall Street bar, told the cops were approaching, were advised to leave through a back door that opened onto the address 86 Bedford Street).

As the midterm debacle approaches, Democrats of all stripes are realizing what a mistake Joe Biden has been. They won’t throw him out via the 25th amendment — which he richly deserves — because they are scared that their even bigger mistake — Kamala Harris — will become president.

As I predicted in my new book, The Return: Trumps Big 2024 Comeback, Biden’s days are numbered, now in single digits. The Democrats cannot possibly go into another election with him at the top of the ticket.

The call for him to step down will arise, like Halloween ghosts, from the graves of 60 to 80 Democrats who will lose their seats in the House and Senate in the midterm debacle.

Such a move by Biden will, of course, spell the effective end of his presidency. While not subject to removal by the 25th amendment, we will see the spectacle of a U.S. president twisting slowly in the wind for two years as the lamest of ducks.

We can only hope that Putin does not choose this time to use nuclear weapons. The spectacle of one president who is senile and the other who is desperate could spell disaster for the world.

But this just goes to show the insanity of the Democratic Party in nominating an increasingly frail and decrepit candidate in his late 70s for president. The fact that he would turn 80 by the end of his term and that his condition with further deteriorate was evident to anybody who can tell time.

But the Democrats’ abiding, and perhaps their worst sin, was foisting upon this country a totally incompetent and increasingly senile president. They all knew it, but they swore on stacked bibles, that the emperor was fully dressed.

While they watch Biden stammer out his last words in the rear-view mirror, their blood lust will pour out on one another as they move into position to win the 2024 nomination.

The fulcrum in their campaigns will be blaming each other for their catastrophic midterm election.

Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom, and AOC will insist that the Party didn’t go far enough to the left and that it failed to deliver on their promises of free college, guaranteed income, and Medicare for all.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will run saying that the progressive crazies moved so far to extremes that they left the electorate behind. She will position herself as the moderate alternative for 2024.

And, in the meantime, America will be left leaderless.

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