Biden Crashes In The Polls

By Dick Morris on May 8, 2023

Until the latest spate of polls released this week, Biden has suffered only minor losses in favorability, job rating, and vote share.

But, recent polling by John McLaughlin and Associates and by the Washington Post, have shown sharp declines in all these areas.

The Washington Post poll shows Biden twenty points underwater with only 36% who view him favorably against 56% who are unfavorable. For his part, McLaughlin has shown Biden’s personal favorability and job approval dropping by six points.

In vote share, Trump has now moved to a 7-point lead over Biden 45-38 and a nine-point lead among Independents, 42-34.

The Hunter Biden scandal and the accusations of corruption in dealings with China appear to be — finally — hurting Biden’s ratings.

By contrast, in the Washington Post poll, while a majority of 56% say that it was appropriate to indict Trump in the Stormy Daniels payoff scandal and 52% say he should be indicted for his conduct on January 6th, Trump’s lead over Biden and his favorability have grown.

It appears that Americans have had enough of Joe Biden and that his electability appears to be suffering as the election approaches.

The Democrats increasingly need to shed the Biden albatross to have any chance of winning.

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