By Dick Morris on October 18, 2010

Things are moving fast and we now have a solid chance to defeat some high value targets: House Banking Committee Chairman Barney Frank and the other Democratic leaders. Defeating these top Democrats would send a huge signal to the nation and would deprive the Democrats of some of their top leadership. It would truly be a command and control strike!

To the chess fans among us, I say: “Enough of the pawns. Lets go for some rooks, castles, and bishops. That way we can bring down their queen and, in two years, checkmate the king.”

Apart from the sheer joy of beating these Congressmen, it will make clear that we do not like what they have done to us.

Frank, more than anyone else except possibly Chris Dodd, is responsible for our financial mess. For a decade, he blocked Bush’s efforts to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Eileen and I wrote about this in our 2007 book Outrage and predicted that it would lead to a financial collapse. But Frank didn’t listen and now he seeks to evade responsibility. We want to run an ad explaining the facts to his district.

We will use your donations for these high value targets and to pursue Project 100, our effort to win one hundred seats in the House.

We are currently using your past donations to target seven Congressman and are about to hit nine more. Your donations will help us go after Frank and a bunch of other Democrats who we can defeat!

To donate to – Go Here

Thanks for your help,

Dick Morris

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