By Dick Morris on July 24, 2007

For the first time since he unveiled his candidacy, Obama has moved beyond biography into issues to structure his appeal to the voters. He was original and creative in the debate and really showed that he is learning how to handle issues in a presidential race.

Hillary is not wearing well. Her answers are canned and, the second or third time voters hear them, they realize that they are just being recited from rote memory. By contrast, Obama has grown before our eyes in these three or four debates and now is self confident, assured, and able.

Hillary is wrong to think that she scored points by refusing to meet with leaders like Castro, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, etc. in the debate. She thinks that Obama sounded naive, but the truth is that she sounded like a State Department briefing officer, not a candidate for public office.

Finally, finally, a round to Obama.

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