Bannon Bags A RINO

By Dick Morris on October 25, 2017

Steve Bannon is the only person who hunts RINOs in Washington, not in Africa. But his efforts are paying off. He just bagged another RINO (Republican In Name Only) when Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake announced that he would not seek another term next year. Flake, who has opposed much of Trump’s immigration agenda, including the proposed border wall, is a quintessential RINO who was facing defeat in a GOP primary — with Bannon’s help — by a true conservative Kelli Ward, who will hopefully now win the seat.

Bannon’s previous scalps include RINO Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee and appointed Senator Luther Strange of Alabama. Strange was beaten by Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama special election and Corker pulled out in the face of a strong primary challenge he expected from Congressman Marsha Blackburn, another reliable conservative.

These defeats and withdrawals, coupled with the increasingly anti-GOP rhetoric of Ohio Governor John Kasich may presage a massive desertion from the Republican Party of Democratic-leaning “moderates” who use the party label to win only to sell out its agenda once in office.

Beyond the scalps Bannon can hang on his wall in his Washington brownstone, the legacy of his victories is the increasing discipline Republicans are showing in support of President Trump’s tax cut program. As former Republican floor leader Senator Everett Dirksen (IL) said “when they feel the heat, they see the light.”

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