By Dick Morris on August 25, 2009

Holder has now appointed a special prosecutor to investigate those who kept us safe from terrorist attacks. He has totally reversed the proper process. Now the hunters will be hunted, those who protected us will be punished, those who sought to destroy us will be exalted. Fortunately, the American people will see this charade for what it is and will realize the total masochistic reversal implicit in the today’s liberalism. We should be pinning medals on those who kept us safe, not appointing a special prosecutor to investigate them. Where is the special prosecutor to investigate those who attempt to destroy us?

Beyond the ideological implications of this reversal of values lies its political impact. Here, the Attorney General has explicitly reversed the decision of the president. While President Obama decided not to dig up these old wounds, Attorney General Holder has decided to revisit them in excruciating detail. This conflict raises the legitimate question: Who is in charge here?

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