Artificial Snow: A Blizzard Of Distraction Produced By Pelosi

By Dick Morris on November 18, 2021

A Congress that is about to vote to spend upwards of $3 trillion, sending the national debt soaring and inflation galloping, is obsessed by two totally artificial “scandals” created by Speaker Pelosi for the sole purpose of distracting people from the massive deficit spending.

The artificial outrage over the January 6th riot and over Congressman Paul Gosar’s online postings is an historic effort to create something out of nothing.

The Jan 6 investigating committee is the modern equivalent of HUAC, the House Un American Activities Committee, a body set up to issue subpoenas and criminalize dissent when they are defied. The Gosar censure is a totally artificial and shameful effort to elevate nothing into something.

Here we have allegations of incitement to insurrection and treason in the one case and incitement to murder in the other, both completely designed only to distract attention from the fiscal calamity being passed by this Congress.

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