America Is Becoming Unrecognizable

By Dick Morris on March 17, 2021

As the scope, breadth and radicalism of the Democratic agenda becomes apparent, America is becoming increasingly unrecognizable to those who lived here and cherished it for decades.

With the economy set to soar, largely due to the Trump policies that created such a strong base, for recovery, Biden appears able to count on growth rates approaching seven and 8% a year. At some point, inflation will kick in and eradicate much of that gain, but, in the meantime, the economic news affords ample protection to the Democrats in ’22 and ’24.

Republicans must pivot from an economic message to a social one. The enormous changes in our life and culture happening all around us should lead to a central message: the Democrats are making America unrecognizable.

Our political and cultural heritage is under attack as politically incorrect. Jefferson, Jackson, both Roosevelts, Wilson and even Lincoln are condemned as racists and segregationists.

Our literary and cultural heritage is likewise under fire from the cancel culture. From Dr. Seuss to Shakespeare our classics are being banned from our schools and our libraries. We worry about making wildlife extinct, but not about making Shakespeare inaccessible to a new generation.

Racial distinctions that once faded as intermarriage proliferated, are now at the core of our culture. The boundaries between black, white, and brown are marked in bright red and the country is more divided than at any time since the Civil War.

Election results that were once the arbiters of our political quarrels have been so corrupted and manipulated by fundamental changes in the rules under which they are conducted, as to make them illegitimate. We are in a game with rapidly changing rules and no umpires.

With Open borders and no enforcement of the laws anyone can come, and nobody can be forced to leave

In a country where crime had declined and our cities had resumed at least a semblance of civilization, we are now importing drug kingpins, convicted killers, rapists, and sex offenders by the tens of thousands over our uncontrolled borders.

Nobody takes drugs seriously anymore. Pot is legal (as it should be) but not a word is mentioned in the public sphere of fighting dangerous addictive narcotics from cocaine to heroin. We have surrendered in the war on drugs. It’s no longer “just say no.” Its “who cares?”

Work is becoming optional as the government moves to a guaranteed annual income welfare financed entirely by borrowing with no work required.

We have no confidence that our currency will hold its value. We have to invest our savings knowing that massive deficits and unbelievably rapid printing of currency will drain its value a lot faster than the return on our investments can augment it.

We see censorship by private media outlets, high-tech companies, book publishers, news organs, and communications outlets that make the government censors of Communist countries appear to be almost libertarian.

The cancel culture blacklists us for our political opinions. We are in the midst of a new McCarthy era where is hazardous to your occupation, your social acceptability, and your livelihood to say what you think. The Constitution assures only that government won’t interfere with free speech, but who needs government censors when society and the media do it for them?

We fear that we will be forced to join labor unions and deprived of our ability to work independently and be our own boss.

Even as race has become the dominant mechanism for categorizing our society, gender has become almost insignificant and transient. Men who lose on the playing fields have only to announce that they are now women and cross over to win scholarships, medals, and honors in female sports.

Children are being asked to choose their gender before puberty and government subsidized surgery is available to effectuate their choice.

A flick of a switch no longer guarantees that the lights will come on as reliable sources of energy of are being replaced by iffy renewable sources. If the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, we have a good chance of lighting and heating our homes, otherwise not.

Police have become the bad guys in need of close control while criminals largely roam free. With bail abolished and catch and release in force, arrest means nothing, except a brief short pause in a career of crime.

Prison inmates are seen to be the victims of racism while the targets of their crimes get neither sympathy nor compensation.

So how can we take back our country? Democrats are pinning their hoping to ratify these changes by expanding the electorate through higher turnout and massive fraud. But, as our country becomes increasingly unrecognizable, they will find it hard to win a majority even with a stacked deck. They have just gone too far. If we campaign by focusing on the drastic and negative changes happening around us, we can still win elections and now, more than ever, we must.


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