By Dick Morris on November 5, 2007

Hillary Clinton, quintessential Alpha Female, is whining about the boys who share the presidential debate stage with her.

She says that they’re picking on her! They’re ganging up on her.

And she doesn’t like it.

Her aides say it’s just because she’s a woman.

But Hillary’s the one who’s playing gender politics. Not them. When the going gets tough, Hillary always pulls out the female victim card.

The fact is that the reason that Hillary is under attack is because she is a doubletalking panderer who can’t give a single straight answer. It’s not because she’s a woman, and it’s not because she’s a winner.

And now she’s furious.

How dare they!

These small annoying men that she’s tolerated for the past eight months – as if they were actually candidates of her high caliber – are all taunting her!

Let’s take a close look at who these men really are:

They’re men who:

  • have never organized a seating chart for a State Dinner,
  • never redecorated the White House,
  • never visited eighty-two countries on Air Force One as the President’s wife,
  • never lit the White House Christmas Tree, or organized a carnival on the Front Lawn, and
  • certainly never presided over the biggest debacle in domestic policy since Roosevelt’ Court Packing Plan in 1936

In fact, these petty little men have never even had
the power to single-handedly cause the President of the United States to lose control of both houses of Congress, like she has.

It’s just not fair!

Don’t they remember who she is?

She’s the same Hillary Clinton who started her campaign by insisting that you have to “deck” your opponents if they criticize you.

And the Hillary who loves to set up “War Rooms” to investigate the personal lives of anyone who gets in her way – especially those annoying women who were the objects of Bill’s desire and affection.

Yes, that’s the Hillary who blamed the”vast right wing conspiracy” for Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. (Of course it wasn’t Bill’s fault) And the Hillary who sent her stooges out to humiliate, embarrass, and discredit Monica in the press.

The same Hillary, the unabashed feminist, who encouraged the Clinton court jester, James Carville, to publicly label Paula Jones as “trailer park trash.”

That’s the Hillary who tried- unsuccessfully – to use her position as a U.S. Senator to settle some old scores with Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, who was formerly Counsel to the Senate Whitewater Committee. She was the only Senator to vote against his confirmations as Assistant Atttorney General and Judge on the D.C. Court of Appeals. She claimed that he was rough in intervierwing some young aides, a claim she never made at the time. She did the same thing with Ted Olsen, even trying to organize a filibuster until her own party members warned her to back off. They found it unprofessional to try to settle personal scores by using one’s Senate credentials. In Hillary’s book, its just called ‘getting even’ She’s good at that.

And yet they pick on her.

How dare they!

Well, she’s just not going to waste any more time on this unfair situation. She’s looking ahead: Yesterday, she called for women to get out their mops, brooms, brushes and vacuum cleaners – she says that she’s going to need them to clean up the White House!

When the going gets rough, Hillary Clinton, archetypical feminist, surprisingly retreats into homemaker happytalk – referring to a domestic life that she’s never experienced. (When do you think she last used a broom?) But the truth is that she would’nt know a mop from a laptop.

But now, the embattled little woman says she is”comfortable in the kitchen.” Anyone who’s ever seen her there knows that’s not true.

She has about as much experience in the kitchen as she does in the Oval Office.

Consider the contrast between Hillary’s approach to gender and that of Margaret Thatcher. While nobody could doubt Thatcher’s essential feminimity, she never used it as a defense, never enlisted women in a class defense against the male establishment. She gloried in fighting the men who ran Argentina or those who ran the European Union with never so much as a reference to gender.

Or compare her to Condoleezza Rice who never takes refuge in her status as a member of the fair sex when the going gets rough.

Hillary’s retreat to shelter in the feminist orb when the male world spurns her raises serious questions about whether she is really tough enough to be president.

When the men who run the Middle East or those who occupy the Kremlin or run China gang up on her, she won’t be able to hide behind the skirts of her husband or her domestic supporters. And her mops and brooms won’t be much help.

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