Akin Must Pull Out!

By Dick Morris on August 21, 2012

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Get Todd Akin To Pull Out!

The Republican Party threw away a Senate seat in Delaware in 2010 when it nominated Christine O’Donnell for the Senate. Her comments about witchcraft made her unelectable.

Now, with the balance of power in the Senate — and the fate of America — dependent on our ability to win the Senate this year, Missouri Republican candidate Todd Akin (who just narrowly won his primary with 36% of the vote in a three way race) has similarly disqualified himself with his absurd contention that pregnancy after rape is “rare” because, somehow, women’s bodies “shut it down” in cases of “legitimate rape.”

Apart from the ridiculous nature of his contention and his insensitivity in making it public, lies the fact that Claire McCaskill will make hay of it and likely get re-elected because of it. Her seat was very vulnerable before Akin spouted off. She was trailing Akin by nine points, the largest margin of Republican lead over a Democratic incumbent Senator in the country.

Akin must not throw away this seat in a monumental act of ego. He has until 5 PM on Tuesday (today) to withdraw. If he does so, likely Sarah Steelman, who narrowly lost to him, will be the nominee. Sarah, endorsed by Sarah Palin, could beat McCaskill woman-against-woman and we could survive Akin’s remarks.

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Get Todd Akin To Pull Out!

We will immediately send an e-mail to him calling on him to pull out. Please act now. We have so much on the line!

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