Agenda 21: Obama’s Plans For America

By Dick Morris on October 9, 2012

Agenda 21 is a UN document, written in 1992 at the Rio Conference that spells out how the elites who run the UN want us all to live. High density is in. Mass transit is the future. Bike lanes are how we will get to work. Suburbs, rural areas, grass, open space, forests, elbow room are things of the past. Cars and trucks are out. Bikes and trains are in.

But the worst part of Agenda 21 is that President Obama has bought into it and is promoting it throughout the United States. In our new book, Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, we explain how the elite globalists who run the United Nations are using planning and the Agenda 21 model to restructure our lives and live them according to their — and not our — wishes.

(We do not literally believe that UN black helicopters are on their way to take over our country. But we are convinced that figuratively, they are on their way as the UN devises strategies to control our lives, tax us, and merge our sovereignty into one-world government).

President Obama has set up a special task force on rural America, not to improve the lives of those who live there, but to use tax incentives, economic development initiatives, and zoning decisions to herd them into cities whether or not they like it or want to move.

Already, thousands of localities around America have adopted Agenda 21 as the framework for their zoning and land use decisions. In the name of carbon emission reductions, to avert the theoretical danger of climate change, we are being told to live differently, work differently, and play differently.

In Black Helicopters, we note that Agenda 21 is to the 21st Century what the enclosure acts were to 19th Century Britain and collectivization was to 20th Century Russia — ways to force people off the land and into the cities. These earlier schemes were designed to create a work force for the factories of the industrial revolution. These proposals are all aimed at cutting driving, reducing gasoline consumption, and curbing carbon emissions.

Remember how Obama said in his 2007 video that was just unearthed by the Daily Caller, he said “we don’t need roads in the suburbs” and called for increased spending for mass transit? He was echoing Agenda 21.

We all need zoning to stop industrial factories from building in residential neighborhoods. We want to use it to preserve historic buildings. Land use decisions are needed to protect wetlands and the environment.

But Agenda 21 carries it too far. It uses government planning to replace the free market system and individual free choice. It uses the power of the state to tell us how to live and where to live. It is a breakthrough to inject the public sector into decisions that are best left to each of us as individuals.

We must fight Agenda 21 to preserve our freedom. We must be alive to the dangers it poses. Please read Here Come the Black Helicopters so that you can be aware of the danger and armed to fight it.

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