By Dick Morris on October 30, 2007

America is changing its mind about abortion and laws to regulate it. There has been a fourteen point swing toward pro choice since 2004 in the United States. 14 points!

The Fox News poll shows that on April 21, 2004, Americans said they were pro life over pro choice by 47-44. But last week they said they were pro choice over pro life by 48-37. They have gone from three points more pro life to eleven points more pro choice. Why? As the courts restrict the right to choose, it becomes more precious to voters. And there is a general swing to the left in the country driven by dissatisfaction with the Bush Administration and with the war in Iraq. The tide is moving all boats to the left. If Roe v Wade is repealed, and the issue of abortion is up in the 50 state legislatures in the country, look for the pro choice forces to have a big advantage.

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