Abortion Decision A Catastrophe For Republican Chances In ’22

By Dick Morris on September 2, 2021

Last night’s Supreme Court decision to let Texas abortion law stand effectively undermines Republican chances in the coming elections of 2022 and 2024.

The Biden ratings crash caused by the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is now over. The page has been turned. Now, it’s going to be all about abortion.

The gender gap in American politics began in 1974 after the Roe V Wade decision. This new Texas law, that effectively reverses the decision, will bring the abortion issue back to center stage. Recent polling suggests that 74% of the American voters support keeping abortion legal.

Republicans have survived the backlash over abortion by focusing on various take-outs on the issue where they have majority support for their view. Voters, who might be otherwise pro-choice, oppose Medicaid funding of abortion and third-trimester abortions. But the Texas law goes squarely to the heart of the issue by banning abortions after six weeks, before many women even know, for sure, that they are pregnant.

It even bans the abortion pill after six weeks, opening the door to a private right to sue doctors, pharmacists, and other health care workers who prescribe or sell the pill to women who are more than six weeks pregnant.

With Biden reeling and, on the ropes, this Texas law and the Court decision, comes as a welcome reprieve for Democrats nervous about the ’22 elections.

In the hands of a hysterical media, it might even encourage court packing and facilitate election-altering changes like those in HR 1.

This decision changes everything.


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