By Dick Morris on May 24, 2010

The tenth seat — the one that will give the Republicans control of the Senate — is coming closer and closer. Three key developments:

1. Connecticut

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been caught repeatedly fabricating a record of service in Vietnam. While he constantly claims to have fought, the fact is that he never went near the place. His candidacy is falling apart as a result.

The Republican candidate against Blumenthal will be Linda McMahon, a businesswoman whose husband founded the World Wrestling Federation. She is outspoken and an outsider. She now trails Blumenthal by only 3 points (48-45) and deserves our help. Go here to donate to McMahon’s campaign.

2. Wisconsin

Ron Johnson — an independent, successful businessman with great access to funding — won the Republican nomination to run against Russ Feingold. A true conservative, Ron has an excellent chance to win. Feingold, who is way too liberal even for Wisconsin, is under 50% in the polls and Johnson should move up quickly. This race could be the key to getting 51 seats. Please give him money. Go here to donate to Johnson’s campaign.

3. Washington

Dino Rossi, the strongest candidate against Senator Patty Murray may enter the race soon. He currently runs even with Murray in the polls. Stay tuned.

So those are our best shots for a tenth seat. Here’s how the other nine play out:

Delaware = No problem.

North Dakota = No problem.

Indiana = Should be no problem. Coats is far ahead of Ellsworth.

Illinois = Mark Kirk ahead thanks to scandal engulfing the Democratic candidate.

Arkansas = Blanche Lincoln will probably lose her runoff and Republican Congressman John Bozeman should defeat Lt. Gov John Halter.

Nevada = Harry Reid remains behind his opponents.

Pennsylvania = Joe Sestak will not be harder to beat than Specter was (conventional wisdom says he will be). He is waaaaayyy to liberal and Pat Toomey should beat him.

Colorado = Former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton is ahead of the appointed incumbent Michael Bennet, but both face tough primaries. We should win the seat.

California = A virtual tie between Barbara Boxer and her likely GOP opponent. With Boxer far under 50%, we should win this seat.

But focus on Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Washington State. Nine seats do us no good.

Remember, you build a ten story building from the top down. Don’t you?

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