A Perfect Christmas Gift: What’s It Like To Be President?

By Dick Morris on November 22, 2013

What’s It Like To Be President? A Book For 9-14 Year Olds By Dick Morris

There are very few books for homeschoolers that explain how the American government works. And there are even fewer that are entertaining, humorously illustrated, and written by someone who has worked in the White House, at the top level of our government.

Now Dick Morris, former top advisor to President Bill Clinton, tells the fascinating story of how the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 was passed. In doing so, Dick explains how government works as he traces the bill’s progress.

Mike Huckabee says of Dick’s book — in a forward he has written — “If I learned that Dick was my son’s Social Studies teacher, I would be thrilled. Now we have the next best thing — his understanding and profound insights in a book that fifth graders and above will love and enjoy. And the cartoons are neat!”

In contrast to the gridlock that grips Washington DC, the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 was the last time the two parties worked together seamlessly to pass important legislation for America. A Republican House and Senate teamed with President Clinton, a Democrat, to reform the broken welfare system.

Their law required everybody who could to work for their welfare benefits and stopped anyone from remaining on the rolls for more than five years.

It has been a smashing success since it was passed. Welfare rolls have dropped by half and child poverty fell by one-third!

In What’s It Like To Be President, your child will learn:

• How a bill becomes a law

• What role lobbyists play in legislation

• How leaks to the media shape our politics

• How the bureaucracy tries to control Congress…and the president!

• How the Parties can reconcile and act together

• What role does public opinion play in legislation

They’ll read a fascinating story with twists and turns that will make them insatiably curious about our government. The humor and cartoon/illustrations keep the tone light and engaging.

Your child won’t be able to put it down…and you might sneak a peek yourself!

Click Here to order a copy of Dick’s New Children’s Book — What’s It Like to Be President.

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