By Dick Morris on January 26, 2010

The long battle over health care changes is finally entering its final moments. The result could go either way. It hinges on 23 moderate House Democrats, vulnerable in the 2010 election, terrified by the Brown victory in Massachusetts, barely held in line by Pelosi and up for grabs in this new health care vote.

We need to run television ads in their districts to encourage them to put the final nail in the health care bill. Here’s the text of the ad we propose to run:

“Our Congressman, Mike Arcuri voted for Obama and Pelosi’s health care takeover. For billions in Medicare cuts. Health care rationing. Big taxes on good insurance plans. America said, “slow down”. But now Pelosi and Obama are at it again… and they want Mike Acuri as the deciding vote in a last-minute deal to take over your health care. Call Mike Arcuri at 202-xxx-xxxx and tell him to vote NO on the Obama-Pelosi healthcare takeover. That’s 202-xxx-xxxx.”

We have targeted twelve of the twenty-three Democrats for the initial flight of advertising. We will start on Thursday. We will advertise in these districts:

Mike Arcuri = NY 24 (Utica)

Christopher Carney = Pa 10 (Scranton)

Kathy Dahlkemper = Pa 3 (Erie)

Baron Hill = Indiana 9 (southern Indiana)

Steve Kagen = Wisc (Green Bay)

Paul Kanjorsky = Pa 11 (Scranton-Wilkes Barre)

Allan Mollohan = W Va (Wheeling)

Tom Perriello = Va 5 (Roanoke)

Nick Rahall = W Va (Charleston)

Mark Schauer = Mich 7 (Lansing)

Dan Maffei = (Syrqacuse)

Zack Space = Ohio 18 (Columbus)

If you have helped us before in our efforts to defeat Obamacare or if you haven’t yet donated, now is the time to step up! It costs us between $30,000 and $50,000 for each district in which we advertise to achieve the proper levels. We want to spend about $400,000 on these twelve Congressmen and then move on to the other eleven.

Please donate now! Please give as much as you possibly can! Now is the time.


Thank you and with your help, we can save health care in America.

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