40 Million Vaccines Produced But Not Injected — While 70,000 New Cases Daily

By Dick Morris on March 31, 2021

While 700 Americans die of Coronavirus every day and 70,000 new cases are reported daily, 40 million vaccine doses have been produced in the U.S. but have not been administered.

As of today, 190 million doses have been produced for use in the US but only 150 million have been administered. The failure to distribute and administer these vaccines amounts to an almost criminal failure of the Biden administration. With only 15% of all Americans fully immunized and only 25% partially inoculated, it is outrageous that 40 million shots are lying idle in refrigerators throughout America.

Operation Warp Speed has done its job by creating production facilities to create enough doses to protect Americans, but the Biden administration has failed utterly to distribute this vaccine quickly enough to protect our people.

Paul Mango, former deputy chief of staff of HHS under Trump, said “the hard part was creating the vaccine and producing the doses. It is absurd that Biden and his administration cannot get their act together sufficiently to administer the doses we have with 700 people dying every day.”

Meanwhile, Biden has arranged to ship 4 million doses to Canada and Mexico, the latter in return for their agreeing to shelter refugees he has attracted to the border.

Part of the problem is the almost obsessive-compulsive desire of Democratic governors in blue states to control the vaccination process. New York State for example, only opens vaccine eligibility to all adults 16 and over on April 6th, months after other states.

One wonders if the purpose of these restrictions is to create a sense of scarcity to engender gratitude among those lucky enough to receive the shots. The families of those who died are probably a lot less grateful for the bureaucratic ineptitude.


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