3 Rs: If You Don’t Repeal Or Replace You’ll Have To Rescue ObamaCare

By Dick Morris on July 13, 2017

The recalcitrant Republicans in the Senate need to look a bit further down the road before they spurn the excellent plan put forward by Senator Ted Cruz. If they fail to repeal and/or replace ObamaCare, they will be stuck with it and will have to come to its rescue.

We all can see how the system bequeathed to us by Obama is falling apart. The charges of its worst critics are coming true, day-by-day. Its only hope is more and more government subsidy. In effect, it will become a single-payer plan delivered through insurance company fronts.

But insurance, in the real sense of premiums-for-services will not cover the costs of the program.

So, Congress will be faced with ObamaCare exchanges failing on all sides. Nobody will be able to buy insurance because no company will sell it. When exchanges start failing in their home districts and none are left, you can bet that Congress will feel the heat to rescue ObamaCare.

So, without a repeal or replace bill in place, the Republicans will inherit ObamaCare whether they like it or not. Especially those who did not cast votes to repeal and to replace, will have to hold the bag for a program Obama designed to fail.

Senators must realize that their chances of re-election hinge much more on Trump’s job approval than on their own. If Trump is strong and the narrative can flow that he has accomplished a great deal (despite any negatives from the phony Russia scandal), he will pull the Senate in with him.

Note how, in 2016, Senators like Ron Johnson survived, in large part, because of Trump’s strong showing in their states.

A vote against repealing and replacing ObamaCare is a vote to continue it and to have to bail it out with more government taxpayer funding.

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