By Dick Morris on September 13, 2011

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In this video commentary, I discuss how last night’s debate totally changed the GOP primary. A front runner was deflated, a second tier candidate came roaring back, and Newt did his thing. What will the effect be?

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will not beat Obama. I like Sarah Palin, but she will not beat Obama either. Rick Perry made her look like a fool for two reasons. When she accused him of receiving millions from a drug company and he corrected her that he received $5,000 from someone who worked with him and now happened to be working for a drug company. If friends are not able to contribute to anyone’s campaign because they now have a differnt job, no one would be receiving campaign money. Rick Perry also pointed out that she has selective hearing. When she and Rick Santorum lit into Rick Perry about the innoculations for 12 year old girls, apparently she missed the point that the parents had the option to opt out of the program, and as I understand, the program wasn’t put into place. I wish someone would explain the difference to me as far as “opting out” or “opting in.” Unless I am the stupid one, either way, it was the parents’ decision.

I still think Rick Perry is the only candidate that I have seen so far that would have a chance at beating Obama. But the only way he will get the nomination is if the conservatives really listen to him rather than putting words in his mouth after the debates are over.

What I heard him say about Social Security is that it is about time to have a serious conversation about the program. Being on Social Security, I happen to agree with him. We need to get back to setting Social Security funds in a separate account rather than using Social Security funds to building housing for illegals. Romney thinks that by badgering him, he will gain points, but in my view, it only makes him look like the jerk he is.

I think Huntsman and Paul should drop out now. We don’t need another RINO nor a blithering idiot. Ron Paul is so out of touch with the real world, it’s time for him to retire.

I wish one of the topics that would be discussed are term limits for all members of congress. We need fresh new ideas.

  • mtcworks on September 13, 2011 2:57 pm

    Dick backed off and rephrased after he said Ron Paul said the 9/11 attacks were “justified” by prior U.S. actions. Dick was right in his original assertion of what Ron Paul was saying. Ron Paul did say the attacks were justified; more specifically, he asked how would we feel and what would we do if someone were meddling in our country the way we kept meddling in the middle east. It was clear Ron Paul was saying the terrorists were justified in attacking us.

  • Diehl on September 13, 2011 5:18 pm

    Dick, Love ya bro, but I’ve got to cry foul. “An American patriot” cannot vote for Ron Paul and still “look in the mirror.” Seriously?! You’ve allowed you personal distain for Paul to cause you to trip over the obvious distinction between “cause” and “justification.” You even stumble over these words in this video at 6:05.

    The words are NOT interchangeable. For example, the U.S.’s oil embargo gave Japan cause (at least in its mind) to bomb Pearl Harbor, but the attack certainly wasn’t justified. Years ago, the Central Park jogger was attacked because she was running alone at night, but that did not justify the heinous actions of her attackers. And yes, there IS a causal relationship between the U.S.’s military presence around the world and the savage response that was 911. Acknowledging the relationship is not tantamount to defending Al-Qaeda as you are implying.

    We get it; you don’t like Paul. Now get back to the objective and reasoned commentary that made me your fan in the first place. I’m still listening.

  • MAKEMYDAY on September 13, 2011 5:45 pm

    Hi Dick:

    Perry “talks the talk” (sometimes) but I doubt he can “walk the talk”!!I personally don’t think the majority of “Independents” (The election deciders) are ready for another TX Governor – to represent the GOP again, so soon!! Romney has some faults (No ‘ones perfect) but, he still speaks and looks more “Presidential” than Perry – and also appears to have more workable solutions to the Nations enormous problems!! Obama stands NO chance of being re-elected… Whether he is running against Romney or Perry and the majority of the country know that fact!! His “Teleprompters” + 9+% unemployment and his “socialist mantra” will NOT get him back in the Oval Office!!

  • MAKEMYDAY on September 13, 2011 6:11 pm


    I failed to mention that Mitt should put Marco Rubio on the “Ticket” as his VP (The best winning combo for me)… If not possible for whatever reason – then what about Newt?? Your thoughts!!

  • Nisan 5702 on September 13, 2011 7:24 pm

    Dick Morris:

    Newt Gingrich, in spite of all warts on his ‘backside’ would by the best President of the group. “Dang” he’s bright, intelligent and knows U.S. Government from the inside. He would be terrific asset to the young inspiring minds of tomorrow. He learned his lessons well from Pres. Reagan. Have you read his book “Real Change”. It’s not as perfect as Scripture, but it’s a good effort.


  • fatcaesar on September 13, 2011 10:09 pm

    Romney clearly the smartest cat in the room. Well, I’ll concede Newt is no dummy either. I hate Bill Maher, but I agree with him on one thing. The Rep. party is being overtaken by bigoted, uneducated, southern evangelical rubes whose hatred of Mormonism is greater than their hatred of Obama’s failed policies. It is clear Romney has been shown to fare the best against Obama in the general election. Rick Perry wishes he had 1/10 Mitt’s intellect and brain power. Even Mad Cramer on the Fox business network has called Romney wickedly smart on the economy. I can’t believe they are committing political suicide by nominating someone who clearly has weaknesses among independents. Romney as a detailed 59 point plan for solving this country’s economic woes and all Perry as is platitudes. Let’s talk about mandates for a second. Isn’t it a conservative principle to make somebody who can afford to pay their insurance premium to pay them? Why should we allow people who can afford it not to carry their freight? What about the principle of self reliance? He isn’t mandating the poor to get insurance, they will be subsidized. We mandate people to buy car insurance, mandate our kids to get an education, If no one took responsibility to pay for their own insurance health, costs would soar through the roof! He wasn’t trying to take over the entire state of Mass. Only the 9% that did not have coverage. We have become a nation of freebies and entitlement. Enough already! If they nominate this lug Perry and Obama wins the election. I’ll quit the Rep. party and become an independent! The party has become too extreme when it will not nominate someone whose forte is economics!.

  • pastormq70@windstream.net on September 14, 2011 10:05 am

    As a Texan, I am a supporter of Rick Perry. The issue of the HPV vaccine, I hardly remember. I have four kids, three of which are girls that are now 16, 15, and 12. When we went to the doctor, she asked if we wanted the vaccine. I said, “No.” That was it. A hiccup. It’s weird hearing all these people go on and on and on about this when I live in this state. As far as the charge of graft, he got bad advice, took a position and now says he wouldn’t do it again. When Texans objected, he backed off of it. We Texans have moved on. I hope the rest will.
    As far as SS, I agree with him and I think he has said it like it is. Yes the government can tax, as Dick points out. But we all know this is a sham. They take our money and use it for other purposes. If we could keep it and invest it we would get a better return. I do agree that he should nuance and qualify his position, however.

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  • allig on September 16, 2011 3:52 pm

    I think that Newt is the wisest and smartest and would vote for but just don’t know if anothe people will vote for him. Of the 2 top runners, I’ll go for Perry as he seems to be very sincere and is not afraid to say what he believes.

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  • maggieb on October 12, 2011 8:30 pm

    Dear Dick:
    I still plan on voting for Newt. I like him the best and he has the most experience. I like Romney and Cain as well but I hope Newt gets the nomination. And I am a female from Texas who won’t vote for Perry because he gives our tax dollars to Illegals. We like the law Alabama passed, but Perry serves Illegals like Obama .