By Dick Morris on October 12, 2011

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In this video commentary, I discuss last night’s GOP debate at Dartmouth College, NH. This was the first debate with Herman Cain as a top tier candidate. How did he do? How did Romney do? Did Perry come back? Newt? Bachmann? I got the answers right here. Tune in!

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er he is right or wrong instead of being a team player with the Administration he would pick. My pick is a Cain/Gingrich and when Cain made the statement about Gingrich being his VP, it made a lot of sense and I could see where Cain is coming from on that. If he is questionable about something he would know who to talk to, after all Gingrich is a very intelligent man and knows the loops of politicians. Ron Paul needs to stay in Congress and keep up the fight, Bachmann also should stay in Congress where she can still do good things. And that’s my take on that. Poor Perry hasn’t a chance which amazes me so much due to all the publicity he got before he started the race.
One other thing I would like to mention is the sales tax Cain wants. Right now here in my city of Mesa, Az we already have a sale tax near 9%, so I can’t see anything wrong with his 999. The two comments he got last night were not professional to say the least. One being it was thought to be the price of a pizza, the other being, turn the numbers upside down and you get 666. It appeared he was being made fun of and I don’t appreciate that at all, and I loved Cain’s come-back to the pizza price. But see, there are politicians who think they “know it all” just because they are politicians. Ron Paul even made his jabs at Cain last night and looking his nose down at Cain, what a bunch of hypocritical people. So called “smart people” can sure make themselves look dumb sometimes, and it makes me wonder just who they are running the office for, themselves! Not the People they work for, that’s for sure. High and mighty attitudes are going to go nowhere in this particular race and at this time because Obama woke up America and we are watching and listening a whole lot closer than ever before. I don’t think anyone trusts politicians today and that is one reason I believe Cain will win.
By the way,,,did you hear “Joe the Plumber” is going to run for Congress in Ohio??? What’s your take on that? I think it’s great.
I like your web sight and check it out every day to see where your thinking is going. God Bless and keep up the good work.

  • bijoutoo on October 12, 2011 1:29 pm

    Dick, thanks for your kind words regarding Herman Cain. I had the pleasure of working directly with Herman when I was with Pillsbury. He is the best manager I ever worked with. He is direct, encouraging, challenging, honest and helped me tune my management skills allowing me to move up. I am an ardent supporter. Thanks for recognizing what a fine person he is. I look forward to calling him Mr. President.

  • vernellem on October 12, 2011 1:41 pm

    Herman Cain/Mitt Romney are the best candidates for President, but we need Cain for 16 years of leadership. His business skills along with his ability to surround himself with other intelligent people would be an incredible benefit to the United States of America. With Herman Cain as Vice President and Mitt Romney as President we would have a powerful pair that would be able to make our country more solvent and economically healthy than our citizens have ever experienced at any other time in American history. Herman Cain’s eight years of political experience as Vice President and then eight more years as President, will give the job and wealth creators of America the confidence we need for strong economic growth. Herman Cain is a true leader that all Americans will be proud of!

  • efficient on October 12, 2011 2:00 pm

    Romney is the best choice to be President. IT will be the first time in four years that I’d be proud of our country. Romneycare and Mormonism are non-issues but they will be made important by the left and his opponents. He has a rough road ahead and will need our support. Cain is a likeable person but we’ve gone that route and what did it get us? He has some business experience but his 999 plan is questionable. It would not be good for people like us . We would think three times before paying 9@ sales tax. Our purchases would be limited. That’s not good for the economy. 9% income tax is more than we have been paying – no thanks. And anyone who says that the church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints is not Christian really is ignorant.

  • Phil Byler on October 12, 2011 8:55 pm

    Newt Gingrich out-performed everyone else at the New Hampshire GOP debate. Newt did not fade in the debate. Based on the last debate performance and the prior debate performances, Gingrich should be the front runner. He will move up in the polls.

    Romney was good, but not masterful.

    Cain was good, but not powerful.

  • mperoni101 on October 12, 2011 10:45 pm

    I thought Cain offered nothing new in the debate. His 9-9-9 plan was challenged, and he stood firmly on it, which I liked, but did not emphasize on anything. It is a tax policy that can manipulate jobs, but it is not a jobs policy, at all. He needs to address that.

    Also, what are you going to say to a state like Alaska that has no sales tax? All the sudden people have to not only pay a sales tax, but a 9% sales tax?

    Arkansas has a sales tax of 7%. Under Cain it goes up.

    California has a sales tax of 8.5%, and with its poor economic status, that goes up as well.

    I am not going through every state, but I don’t see how raising taxes on all Americans in some way shape or form, depending on the state, is attractive. I am in Florida with a sales tax of 6%. I am unemployed. Why do I have to pay more?

    I don’t think the 9-9-9 plan helps every American. I actually think it hinders the unemployed.

    I think other topics need to arise and be forwarded to Cain. When going against Obama, the debate is not going to be solely on the economy and taxes. There are other factors involved and Cain has no experience at all.

    Romney was once again on top of his game. He was addressing the economy, China, and healthcare. Obviously I am not a fan of socialized healthcare (I am originally from Europe and I know it is a flawed system). But, people need to stop the attacks on Romney and his healthcare policy in Mass. I am in Florida. Who am I to say that his policy is wrong when his own people of Massachusetts still approve of it 3:1? Good for them. He gave them something they needed, wanted, and are overall satisfied with it. So why is Rick Perry, who does not even have a good record on this issue, criticize it?

    I find it ridiculous that there are about 10 more debates scheduled. I say cut it down to two more. The next one should not cover the economy 100%. Bring up the Iran issue. Ask the other candidates what their healthcare policy would be nationwide. Ask them what is wrong with the current Obama Jobs Bill. Ask them about illegal immigration. Ask them about foreign policy in terms of handling the Mexican Drug war, what is going on in Egypt, and so on.

    The second debate should be an overall discussion, obviously make it so that the economy takes up 50% of the debate, and the other 50% consisting of all other topics.

    As for Joe the Plummer. He had his 15 minutes of fame and is taking advantage of it. Obviously he deserves a chance to be heard, but I think that there could be someone better.

  • Justice21 on October 13, 2011 12:10 pm

    It’s time we begin to have an adult discussion about barriers to electability. Cain does not represent the core of the black community and is not a Republican Party insider. Liberals will not vote for him, and his 999 plan will not hold up under close scrutiny. Good man, wrong plan! A significant number of Americans will not vote for Romney on Election Day because of his religion. Yes, I used the R word. Sad to say, this society is not as enlightened as it should be regarding religion. Gingrich is the most qualified to be President, but is unelectable based on his past history, and because he is seen as being somewhat McCain like; old and grumpy. Michele Bachman is not presidential and has a record of misstatements that will be exploited by liberals. Ron Paul will only get the votes of his cult following. Perry is DOA with true conservatives because of his support of illegal alien education benefits in Texas, and if nominated, Obama will tear him apart in a debate. Besides, when he speaks, liberals hear George Bush. Jon Huntsman has little appeal to the voters and should have dropped out after the first debate. Rick Santorum is too combative, appears to lack compassion, and many liberals see him as just another Washington bureaucrat.
    So where is the candidate capable of defeating President Obama. Sadly, he/she is no where to be found. Let’s stop fooling ourselves and take a long hard look at the field. It’s unelectable! It’s not to late for the Long Ranger to ride in and save the party, and the country. No, I’m not talking to you Mr. Trump.

  • alt0182 on October 13, 2011 5:23 pm

    A couple things struck me.

    When each candidate had the chance to ask a question of another (or to take a cheap shot at them) Romney singled out Bachmann and basically gave her the chance to just sit and SHINE. She was brilliant, and he gave her that opportunity to be so. It was not one of those gotchya questions everyone else was throwing at him. I wonder if her low poll numbers may be leading her to an OUT – and he wants her endorsement?

    Also, Dick – you always say that Newt has problems that you “won’t go into”. I think he’s the brightest guy in any room, and he could REALLY make a difference as President!

    I don’t know what those problems are – but PLEASE, “go into” those problems so we can get them out of the way and set him on the right road.