Washington, D.C.’s War On FOX News

By Dick Morris on June 8, 2017

National ENQUIRER political columnist Dick Morris tells all in an exclusive video that vilifies the Deep State operatives continuing to work in the White House against President Trump — and exposes how the same agents conspired to undermine FOX News!

Dick — who also spent years at FOX News — blasts the bureaucrats who he calls “responsible for the murder of FOX News” as they use their own press contacts to manipulate the media!

Dick dissects how the FOX News sex scandals have left top pundits in vulnerable positions, even including a popular newsman who “lives like a priest!” See the shocking video on The ENQUIRER’s website — CLICK HERE!

Pick up The National ENQUIRER this week to read it all, and keep reading each week as Dick offers his expert analysis on current political news!


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