By Dick Morris on September 8, 2011

Dear Friend,

Disgusted with the same tripe old stuff from President Obama? Fed up with his proposal of more spending? More taxing? More regulation? Come to tonight and read, live, as Dick rebuts Obama’s speech point by point minute-by-minute. As Obama spews his rhetoric, Dick will be answering it. When Obama fudges, Dick will point it out. When he repeats remedies that haven’t worked, Dick will be there to pounce.

Suddenly watching Obama speak will be fun! So go to during the speech and read Dick’s rebuttal! Tonight 7 PM at!

And right after the speech, we will host a live FREE interactive video chat. You can ask Dick about anything — the speech, last night’s debate, the presidential race, the economy. Open to all. Just stay on right after Obama stops speaking.


Dick Morris

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