IRS Scandal Could Trigger Impeachment

By Dick Morris on May 13, 2013

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Listen today from 2-6 PM ET to my radio show (tune in to 1210 AM in the Philadelphia region or stream the show LIVE online at to learn how the IRS scandal could lead to Obama’s impeachment.

I don’t see any high crimes or misdemeanors in Benghazi that could trigger impeachment, but abusing the IRS is a totally different matter. Remember that using the IRS to harass political opponents was one of the charges in Richard Nixon’s impeachment voted by the House. It never went to trial because Nixon resigned, but misuse of the IRS was one of the charges that brought him down.

Tune in today at 3 PM ET and listen to my interview with Stan Pottinger, assistant attorney general in the Nixon administration, on how the IRS scandal could lead to impeachment.


Dick Morris

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