By Dick Morris on October 31, 2011

This is the final video of a special six segment series of me interviewing GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. In this video, Herman lays out the case for his candidacy and tells me why he would be the strongest candidate.

I am not planning to back any of the GOP contenders but want to help them all get their message out and then back the nominee in 2012.

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d to supply proof, in court, that they have been in the United States for more than a year. Those new residents who came here illegally, after the new system is set up will not be eligible for any of it’s benefits for a year after entry and will be held responsible for any debts they incur; including Medical Treatment. Nobody will be exempt from paying their legal debts; including Medical Costs.
a. Each Child’s Paternity will be established at birth; with the natural Father compelled to maintain a Personal Account for his Child. Money from his purchases will be apportioned to the Child’s Account as with any Family Head. The Child will be assigned a “Legal Guardian” if the Natural Father is not fulfilling that function.
3. New Born and current contributors to, and recipients of, Social Security and Medicare would have their accounts funded by the Federal Government, through the appropriate operation, in an amount that is proportional to their standing with the Federal Programs.
a. Savings and Life Insurance funds would come from the Social Security Group and Medical Savings would come from the Medicare Group.
b. Each Personal Account will have a Line of Credit to cover unexpectedly high costs of Medical Procedures with private Group Medical Insurance as a personal option. Each Person or Family will decide what they want to pay for out of their Medical Savings Account. For example: Electric Carts and Wheel Chairs might not be important to them, if they are expensive.
c. Each Personal Account will have a Line of Credit, backed by Group Insurance to be used in case the Bread Winner is unemployed for any reason. Employers would not be responsible to pay Unemployment Insurance.
d. Each Personal Account will also have Life Savings Insurance to cover the possibility that a person might pass away, owing legitimate Medical Expenses.
d. Each Personal Account will have Group Disaster Relief Insurance that is appropriate for the geographical area in which they live. This insurance would be contingent on the person having taken necessary steps to avoid loss. Homes in 100 year Flood Prone areas would need to be put up on appropriately high stilts or be able to float within the property line. Homes in Tornado or Hurricane areas would need to be built to survive typical conditions for the area. Earth Sheltered Homes would be desirable.
e. Each Personal Account will be credited, on the first of each year, with the amount that is determined to be the tax that would be necessary for a person in Poverty to pay for essential goods and services for the year. This fits the Official Fair Tax Plan.
Note: Money used from any account will reduce the balance that is accumulating interest. So, purchases will cost more than the actual sales price; impacting the net worth of the Family or Individual. This should be an incentive for people to be “Frugal”.

4. The long awaited “Cashless / Checkless Society” would be implemented to permit the new Personal Responsibility System to operate.
a. It will be a crime to pay anything with Cash; avoiding Federal Consumption Tax. A system will be established to permit purchases from individuals, using Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfers. Paying in cash would be considered Tax Evasion.

5. All discretionary purchases and services will be made with funds from the Family Operations and Savings Account; where all income will be deposited, directly from an individual’s Business, Employer or other Source.
a. A Family Operating Account will be in the same institution; but, funds will only be disbursed to the Product or Service Provider and for payments to any loans that might be opened in the Account Owner’s name.
b. A Medical Savings Account will be in the same institution; but, will only be available to the account owner to pay legal bills when they are eligible for reimbursement. The current system does not encourage people to limit their Medical Expenses to a reasonable level. There is a need for people to have an incentive to keep their Medical Related Costs to a minimum. A sliding scale 20% reducing to 10% out of pocket, CoPay will be required for all disbursements less than $100; 10% reducing to 1% for those between $100 and $1,000 and 1% reducing to 0% for those between $1,000 and $100,000. All Legal Medical Related Services, Procedures and Products will be eligible for payment from the Medical Savings Account. This will include Homeopathic, Chiropractic, Kineseology and Off the Shelf Medications and Dietary Supplements recommended by Licensed Practitioners.

6. The Financial Institution would handle all personal transactions and payments, at the direction of the Account Owner.
a. The appropriate percentage of a purchase would be assigned as the Individual’s Federal Tax Responsibility. This is currently estimated to be 30% added to any purchase price.
b. An appropriate percentage will be designated, based on prior basic living expenses, for Employment Insurance to use during emergencies such as loss of Employment or Business Income.
c. An appropriate percentage, considering the number and ages of Family Members, will be designated for Medical Savings and repayment of any Medical Line of Credit balance.
d. An appropriate percentage will be designated for Life Insurance, Emergency Savings and basic Retirement Income.
e. An optional percentage can be designated by the Account Owner to fund a special Retirement Account, to permit living at a more than basic life style.

7. Upon Death of an Account Owner:
a. Balances and Insurance Proceeds remaining in Life and Medical Savings Accounts would be apportioned to accounts of a person’s surviving Heirs.
b. Balances in accounts of persons with no Heirs will be accumulated as a Credit to the Federal Program and administered by the Social Security / Medical Authority, as required by truly indigent persons. These people can be identified by the fact that they have spent less than what is considered to be a poverty level of consumption. The Poor, by this definition, must be assisted by “a Case Worker”, to assure they are properly managing their lives and any possible income.
c. Each Indigent Account Owner will have an individual account that is funded by the Government and administered in the same way as the other accounts; including Federal Tax Payments for goods and services.

8. Family Farms and Family Business Owners might have special accounts to assist them to be successful in their operations.

Direct any questions about the above, to Richard A. Leonard – raltucson@cs.com

Outline as of October 25, 2011.

  • rplyon@napanet.net on October 31, 2011 3:07 pm

    Please assure me that Hermnan Cain did not easily get “straight A’s” in high school, for that is a “Quick Memory” mind and does not recognize “problems.” Much prefer the “Process Mind” he seems to typify, as a problem discoverer and solver.

  • paladin61 on November 1, 2011 4:20 am

    I’d like to build on what rpylon has said. To anyone who has read McCullough’s bio of Harry Truman, the similarities in personality, problem solving ability, and communication capability are remarkable. Do we have another Harry Truman on our hands? True, Truman was a Democrat, but he was no liberal…as is repeatedly pointed out in the bio mentioned above.

  • chaschl on November 7, 2011 4:12 pm

    Interview Gingrich!