By Dick Morris on October 5, 2011

Dear Friend,

In an exclusive new interview filmed on Monday, Herman Cain and I probe how far can he go?

I am not planning to back any of the GOP contenders but want to help them all get their message out and then back the nominee in 2012.

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toward Herman Cain to go to the Whitehouse and try to salvage this mess that we’re in right now.

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  • Laurence Cohn on October 5, 2011 8:47 pm

    I think that Herman’s eduction and entire career should be made know – Many had have no clue of his impressive background!

  • Nyle on October 5, 2011 9:21 pm

    Great interview, Dick you do the Country a great service every day you work to tell people the truth behind the politics and the paid massaged messages of the media. Thank you.

    These interviews with Cain are amazing. He is truly likeable and I pray that he will defeat the establishment GOP and bring back the true Grand Old Party.

    One thing though, Could you get a new microphone or place it better so it doesn’t pick up your fabric when you move? It distracts from the wonderful message of both you and Herman. I hope you will continue to support Herman.

    I only wish that Michele Bachmann could be his Vice Presidential running mate. Now that would be my ticket – Cain – Bachmann

  • Manypeaks on October 5, 2011 10:24 pm

    Harry Truman was a haberdasher. Ran a small business, and I believe history tells us he wasn’t very successful. The more one learns about Herman Cains accomplishments, the more one is eagerly drawn to support him. He was given challenge after challenge and successfully, if not spectacularly met every one of them. He’s is one of the “folks,” as O’Reilly might put it, while at the same time has demonstrated extraordinary acumen, ability to solve problems, and the growing charisma of a super star. One feels he is “of the people and for the people.” His 999 plan is a brilliant proposal, and easily understood. It is the only fundamental, comprehensive plan for setting our economy on a new strong course. It will ameliorate, or actually solve every economic problem existing in America today. It is in essence a “Flat Fair Tax,” which will raise the quality of life of every citizen. Herman Cain is proving himself to be the man for the job.

  • tony fressola on October 5, 2011 11:01 pm

    Mr. Morris: You should have Herman Cain on your video more often, you too seem to enjoy each other’s company. It’s fun to watch. I like the last shots at Obama, Cain wasn’t a community organizer, has a brain, ran businesses, didn’t need a teleprompter , etc. It was funny.

  • blueskygal on October 5, 2011 11:05 pm

    I am starting to like Hermain Cain more and more. As others have said he has a very direct, warm, honest style. I make under $25 K a year though and his 9-9-9 would be an extra burden for me. He did not address this when asked in an interview he kept referencing people that make $50K. I am probably at the 15% level now.. and then he wants to add a national sales tax. In arizona we are up to almost 10% on purchases. No guarantee a national sales tax would not go up and up and up. NO NATIONAL SALES TAX! We can save billions by using Quality techniques on the government as Newt is proposing.

    I like the 15/25/35 of the dem/repub that are working on this flat tax. Sales taxes hurt low income people.

    I think his business experience is a big plus. Do not think people in business don’t know how to negotiate. This is why I like the Donald. The Donald knew it was all about the deal. I’m sure Cain has these skills as well.

    He is a successful person who can relate the the mainstreet person and I like that alot.

    I love Bachmann for her conservative principles but as a female conservative the mainstream press would do the same type of hatchet job they did on Palin and also did on Hillary. I will never forget the hatred in Tim Russell’s eyes as he launched into Hillary on TV. wow! It took guts to take that kind of heat. It’s not the time for a female VP now.. much as I would like to see it. After 4 years of Repub rule, then maybe.

  • Americanist on October 6, 2011 12:48 am

    Cain worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas and defends them by refusing to audit them. If Cain wins he will preside over it’s 100th “birthday” without an audit and we will be the victim without recourse. Sorry, no Cain for me! No foreign policy knowledge or experience and will thus depend on the same old C.F.R. cronies that are screwing us today under Obama!

    Anyone who defends the income tax is defending plank #2 from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto: “A heavy, progressive or graduated imcome tax.” Do you support the income tax?

  • VickiInGa on October 6, 2011 6:07 am

    Folks here in Georgia who know Herman Cain the best – love him! We are excited at how he is doing in the race, and look forward to voting for him.

  • J Nelson on October 6, 2011 12:43 pm

    Economic policy is not the answer here, although o course it will help once the true problem is addressed. The problem is NAFTA and both parties willingness to let quality jobs flow out of our country. Remember Ross Perot and the giant sucking sound that he was labeled a fool for. It could not be more obvious that he was right. The housing bubble and subsequent financial crises was a result of NAFTA. When there are not enough quality jobs to drive the economy, your only hope to keep the fading heartbeat of our economy alive is by making housing affordable to lower and lower standards. Recall that the housing market was the driving force behind the economy before it burst. Now, without the housing market they instead keep printing money to fill the gap and guess where we are headed because of it. This all is a result of our jobs being sold out at the hands of BOTH party’s by way of NAFTA and other policies. I am not for taxing the rich unfairly but history shows that a lopsided distribution of wealth will not sustain our economy in its intended form. The wealthy cannot drive the economy on its own and they have intentionally broke the backs of the middle class. Lets not let network and elitist politicians feed us irrelevant issues in another election by making them the flavor of the day. Sounds good but does it really solve the underlying problem? That is the question! That being said, Herman Cain appears to be real and I would like to believe that is why he is surging and not because any policy he has put forth. Intelligent voters know that no candidate can solve the problem by stating policy changes as a fix without unrestricted access to determine what the underlying problems really are. Quality jobs drive the economy, not more McDonalds franchises! Policy talk is only smoke and mirrors in regards to the economy unless there is dialogue about NAFTA and keeping the jobs in this country.

  • Rudolph on October 7, 2011 11:33 am

    Saralee et al, if you need to hear more than 999 all you have tyo fdo is look for it. Since when does someone with experience governing trump someone who has the problem solving abilities of Cain? Ron Johson, our freshman senstor from Wisconsin is a better senator than many Republicasns that were already in office TOO LONG?).

    Romney as governor said he would never dsupport a coal burning electrical power plant. if that’s what you consider conserrvative, well then, you got a different definition than I do.

    Cain is smarter than Romney andhe’s a real problem solver. I’ll go wwoith that until he shows me otherwise.

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