By Dick Morris on November 9, 2011

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In this video commentary, I discuss if Romney can win. He’s stalled at one-quarter of the vote. Can he move out and win the rest? Or is he doomed to stay a one-quarter candidate?

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heriffs and state legislature but the Republican establishment hasn’t been very supportive – McCain co-authored an amnesty bill with of all people – Ted Kennedy a few years back. I am a member of the National Gun Rights Association – they passed out questionaires to all the Republican candidates in order to get their stand on our 2nd amendment rights. The only candidates that returned the questionaires and gave us their positive support were Bachmann, Cain, and Gingrich. All the other candidates refused to return the questionaires. It is my view that if we lose our 2nd amendment rights we will lose our freedom and be at the total mercy of the federal government. As we speak Hillary Clinton is negotiating a “small arms” treaty with the U.N. that will undermine our 2nd amendment rights and will set a precedent that the U.N. can overide our constitution thereby eliminating our soverignty as a nation. Eric Holder is also trying to get federal control over concealed weapons. We need people that will fight for us. The only real fighters that I see are Gingrich, Cain, and Bachmann. Romney in my view is a RINO. If he gets the nomination I would have to vote for him (I could never vote for Obama) but I will be holding my nose when I do it.

  • modelerr on November 9, 2011 7:09 pm

    mperoni, you are completely correct in your assessment of Newt as the ”very essence of the GOP establishment.”

    Those of us living in NY State recall his poor, establishment-reeking judgment in backing Moderate Dierdre Scozzafava for Congress (23rd District Special Election – 2009) rather than true Republican Conservative, Doug Hoffman. Scozzafava withdrew three days before the election and endorsed the Democrat candidate, Doug Owens, who then won this traditionally Republican-held seat.

    Lapses such as this make it hard for Conservatives to embrace Newt, but I’m beginning to put his foibles into perspective. Given the present field it’s tough to find a smarter, more experienced Conservative candidate better equipped to survive the Liberal & MSM vetting gauntlet.
    He gets my vote over Romney, for the Nomination.

  • schwma on November 9, 2011 11:33 pm

    Your going to have to list those 36 essential food items if you want me to know what they are. I’ve never seen such an obnoxious display of sensational inflamation in my life. Just stupid. I didn’t finish the thing. What is it? Some kind of promotion to sell something? This and your incessentness about your dog book are getting on my nerves. Stick to politics Dick.

  • blueskygal on November 10, 2011 11:10 am

    i completely agree with bbodie52’s comments. i think both newt and romney are the best qualified. i am really starting to prefer newt because he knows how to work “inside the beltway” to get things done which is going to be key moving forward and because he understands the power of the presidency to move the people to pressure congress to get things done. i also like newt because of his many innovative ideas which we need right now. we are moving towards a new american destiny… a new millenium and the solutions from the last century are outdated and bloated. i think newt gets that.

    as for cain i don’t think he will survive the sexual harassment claims that are dogging him. the story is getting bigger not smaller. as well his several missteps in his campaign show him to be “not ready for prime time.” if true he is certainly not the first powerful person to have a “secret” life of sexual peccadilloes. it seems to come with the territory.

    i think all the opining (pro or con) on the subject is premature until all the facts get out there. we will have to wait and see how the story shakes out. at this point it is premature to say that it is going away because he had a masterful press conference.

    i don’t think he is ready to be president. his ideas are limited and i totally disagree with the 9-9-9 plan. we don’t need to give congress yet another revenue stream to spend all our money.

  • bbodie52 on November 10, 2011 1:00 pm

    I wanted to say one more thing about Mitt Romney. He has been called a flip-flop candidate and a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Mitt Romney is a conservative Republican, yet he was able to convince the voters of Massachusetts to elect him as their Governor — in spite of the strong liberal Democrat majority in that state. Romney’s character drives him to lean toward his beliefs as a conservative Republican while still realistically facing the ideas that demands compromise. In Massachusetts that meant listening to the Democrat majority and facing compromise when needed to get the job done. It is essential for a chief executive (Governor or President) to remember that he represents ALL of the people — and not just the members of his own party. That doesn’t mean abandoning the goals and ideals of your own beliefs and political party, but it does mean that to truly lead the country the President must inspire the majority of citizens in a way that they WANT to follow his leadership. They have to believe that their President will listen to their ideas even if they come from beliefs that are different from his own, or his party. Over the past decades we have increasingly witnessed more division between the two parties, to the point of impasse and a loss of capacity to effectively govern our nation. Compromise and cooperation have been lost, and during the Obama administration the stalemate has resulted in division that is at its worst! Under Obama and the Democratic leadership we watched Republican ideas completely shut out while the Democrats spent wildly and imposed their ideas on the nation without restriction.

    We don’t need a Republican President who will impose similar tactics on the nation while impressing on the nation an attitude of ignoring and shutting-out the opposing party. Such an approach would only perpetuate division in this country, increase fear and panic, and demonstrate another President who has failed to truly lead this country. A true leader must be able to inspire and convince people to believe in the path he feels is right for the country. He must also be able to listen to new ideas and be willing to make “course corrections” if those new concepts appear to be right for the nation. By doing so he shows that he truly hears and respects the voice of the people. Done correctly he can lead from a position of strength, while showing his own party that he has not lost site of their own ideals either. Not an easy task, but if it were easy anyone could be the President!

  • southernpatriot on November 29, 2011 10:47 pm

    This will indeed be the most important election in the history of this Republic and we had better get it right or the Republic is doomed. If so many of us had run Obama through the same gauntlet that were running the Republican candidates through we would not be in this mess.The press and many voters gave him a walk and that’s not good for the country. We better have a candidate who can hit the ground running and make the changes needed to turn this country around and save the nation. I will continue to observe and listen to all of the candidates but I will not turn a deaf ear on any candidate because he’s either a Mormon or divorced. Remember we need someone who will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies domestic and foreign. With very few expectation’s,those Republicans on stage can do a better job in my opinion, then the current person in the White House. I for one am not ready to change this “ism” for another “ism” like Marxism or communism or socialism. So let’s support and get behind the strongest team we can put together for the country and our children and grandchildren future. Thanks for letting me my 2-cents worth. Take care Southern Patriot