By Dick Morris on December 5, 2011

In this video commentary, I discuss the status of the Republican presidential field after the departure of Herman Cain. Where will his votes go? Tune in!

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ng about and that was economics and job creation, he ran into some trouble. If, I understand it, some voters are saying that we do not need an insider for President. But we allowed Obama to become and the press gave him a walk on the issues and his beliefs. And now we have a President and his administration,that does not give a tinkers dam about America and our constitution. Hockey Sticks!! Their spending all of the tax payers money and they are taking over out health care and telling you that your family will have to stand in line to get any help. Shoot we can not even buy light bulbs without the government telling us what kind we can or can not buy. To save the Republic I’m going to stick with my first choice, and that will be Newt for President.Indeed the time is now for Newt for President. Thanks SP

  • saralee on December 5, 2011 8:49 pm

    People need to remember Carville’s rally cry when Clinton beat Bush in 1992.


    The Economy is Romney’s wheelhouse and Romney has a proven track record of turning enterprises around….Romney is who Obama fears.

    The Obama machine and the LSM will have neutered Newt by the time the debates roll around and Newt can easily be painted as a fat bloated crony politician who has made his career in Big Government and who has profited quite handsomely with Freddie and with his Healthcare Think Tank.

    His treatment of women won’t help and his arrogance,his ethics violations as Speaker, and his lack of discipline will turn people off. That is why I seriously think that there could be a serious threat from a moderate 3rd party.

    We do not need another Washington Insider or another Debater In Chief….we need a doer who is disciplined,principled and conservative!Now is the time for ROMNEY. We do not need another McCain 2.0.

  • Naurya on December 5, 2011 9:37 pm

    All I will say is, I find it difficult to believe that such a man with so many pursuits would suddenly have a harem of women coming out of the woodwork to allege anything. All were disreputable types and in this nation, all are innocent until proven guilty. This is not Nazi Germany nor Iran! Perhaps he was too gullible but there is no trial or jury except the public and legally “heresay.” How tragic and even more so those who have jumped on the bandwagon for charges that will never be proven.

  • DebraJMSmith on December 5, 2011 10:35 pm

    I very much like your videos. And I very much agree with you about what happened to Herman Cain.

    It is shameful that people just took the words of women with such shady backgrounds, who had no solid proof of anything and in the last case, is a self admitted you-know-what. Numbers, numbers, that’s what people kept saying, that there are so many accusers. As if only one person in all of the people that Herman Cain has come across in his 40 some years of being a businessman, would be willing to take money to smear a candidate’s name, who is running for the most powerful job in the world!

    That last woman, Ginger White, had no problem bold face lying, claiming that her heart bleeds for Gloria Cain. At worst she carried on a 13 year purely sexual affair with Gloria’s husband and at best, she has falsely claimed to have carried on a 13 year purely sexual affair with Gloria’s husband. –THAT is not a woman whose heart bleeds for anyone but herself! –And if she can so boldly lie about this, she can boldly lie about anything!

    And giving money to a woman who he had known for 13 years, who begged him for it over the course of months, does not make him a cheater. Neither does, not having told his wife that he helped this woman, as he said that he has helped a number of people; and not all of them, does his wife know about, even a man.

    This is why ministers have to keep their office doors open, when a woman is in their office. This is why we think twice before helping someone who asks for our help. This is why we question what someone is after, when they are first kind to us. This is why we honest people have to protect ourselves, by not allowing a situation to happen that can later be lied about. I know that I am sure taking note.

    May God bless Herman Cain and his family.

    Debra J.M. Smith

  • Nyle on December 5, 2011 11:03 pm

    I am back to Bachmann! Cain surprised me, I DO NOT WANT Newt or Romney they are both Progressive-Lite.(Newt can’t be trusted, remember him and Nancy Pelosi on Global Warming, his vote on the Department of Education and all the empty Contract with America establishment promises.) Now he says he’ll shrink the Department of Education, big deal – any bureaucracy shrunk by one President is then free to expand under another. Newt is smart enough to know this, no one in Washington is naive enough to think that you can start any department with a specific mission and not have it grow beyond its scope.

    When gardening the solution to run away growth isn’t to clip a little twig here and there, it’s to prune whole branches down to the core of the shrub. That is exactly what needs to happen in Washington, we need to remove the out of control growth and get back to a sound limited Government.

    I’ve always wanted a ticket with Cain and Bachmann on it. Maybe now it’ll be Bachmann-Cain…..

    Romney and Newt will not make sweeping changes, they’ll promise the GOP base changes that appeal to our desire to bring government under control and then when the general election comes up they’ll pander to what they feel is the middle. If elected, they won’t be able to start undoing the 100 years of damaging overgrowth to our Great Republic’s structure. They are both too entrenched in politics as usual and don’t believe that Bold Colors have a chance to stand out and grab the hearts of Americans and once again start to return the Federal Government to its Constitutional Duties.

    Something that would require a significant change to business as usual in Washington D.C. and something that both Newt and Romney are unlikely to bring to the table. We will once again be left with choosing the lesser of two evils. How many years, will we in the GOP be happy with the party bosses offering up the lesser of two evils.

    Let’s bring the bold colors to this election, bring Bachmann to the Oval Office and support the Senate Conservatives Fund to help Jim Demint bring sanity back to the U.S. Senate. We don’t need to let the party pick the candidate – We the People can choose to go with the true Conservative and pick Bachmann.

  • saralee on December 5, 2011 11:58 pm


    Bachman is my 2nd choice. I completely trust the woman and she is smart, tenacious and relentless.

    My first choice is Romney because I truly believe he is a strong fiscal and social conservative and he does have the electability thing going for him.

    I believe the perfect ticket would be Romney/Bachman. Many people say Rubio but I like Bachman.

  • destructure on December 7, 2011 2:34 am

    I was sad to see what happened to Cain. He wasn’t my top choice but I could have seen myself voting for him. It’s true there was no hard evidence against him. But the phone records and receipts left little doubt. Not that he didn’t do anything others haven’t done. But, you’re right, the media assassinated him. Liberals just hate black conservatives. Woe unto any black who strays from the Democratic plantation. They think they own them. And they whip the runaways.

    People say Romney can’t win because he’s a mormon from Massachusetts. Well, I’m a southerner born and raised in the bible belt. And I’m a Romney supporter. I supported him 4 years ago and I support him now. He may not be as conservative as I’d like. But I’m a lot more worried about Newt.

    I don’t see Gingrich as a conservative. I see him as an establishment neo-con whose flip-flopped more than anyone. He’s taken positions no real conservative would have taken. He’s just another Manchurian candidate put up by the establishment. Like saralee said, McCain 2.0!