June 30, 2009
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President George H.W. Bush lost the presidency because he broke his 1988 campaign pledge: “read my lips: no new taxes.” Now President Obama is as blatantly poised to disregard his most fundamental campaign promise: “if you make less than $250,000 your taxes will not go up. Not one dime.”

In our new book Catastrophe, we write about the breadth of Obama’s planned tax hikes and the heights to which he will drive taxes. To pay for his health care catastrophe, Obama will likely make all health insurance premiums, paid by employers, taxable to the employees.


June 26, 2009
Category: Dick's Articles

In our new book, Catastrophe, we spell out clearly how Obama has disarmed us in the war on terror and excoriate him for giving Hamas almost $1 billion in foreign aid funneled through the United Nations relief agency in Gaza that takes orders from Hamas. But now, the Administration’s weakness in supporting human rights in Iran writes a sad chapter in the history of our foreign policy.

For her part, Hillary Clinton is really playing hardball with Iran! Faced with its outrageous conduct in killing its own citizens to cow them into silence, she has disinvited Iranian diplomats from the hot dog festival commemorating July 4th. That’ll show ’em.


June 24, 2009
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Published on TheHill.com on June 23, 2009

If only President Obama were a third as tough on Iran and North Korea as he is on Republicans, he’d be making progress in containing the dire threats to our national security these rogue nations represent. As it is, the president is letting the perception of weakness cloud his image. Once that particular miasma enshrouds a presidency, it is hard to dissipate.

If foreign policy issues actually involve war and the commitment of troops, they can be politically potent. But otherwise, the impact of international affairs on presidential image is largely metaphoric. Since foreign policy is the only area in which the president can govern virtually alone, it provides a window on his personality and use of power that domestic policy cannot.


June 17, 2009
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Published on TheHill.com June 16, 2009

To quote the esteemed Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the chickens that were hatched in the stimulus package are coming home to roost in the healthcare proposal. The budget deficit Obama racked up paying for the massive federal spending passed in January is now having a real economic and political impact, which is forcing the president and his congressional allies into hard choices as they face his healthcare legislation.


June 11, 2009
Category: Dick's Articles

Published in the New York Post on June 11, 2009

It’s increasingly looking like President Obama may be sunk by his own deficit.

Yes, the recession started under George W. Bush — and voters will still blame him for unemployment and related woes. But rising interest rates and inflation are the coming fears — and Americans will increasingly see Obama’s big-spending ways as the cause.

Deficit spending has always been Americans’ bete noir; the gospel of balanced budgets is deeply ingrained in our political and economic psyche. Through all the Keynesian experiments of the ’60s and ’70s, voters remained committed to a balanced budget. They worried as deficits rose in the Reagan years — then calmed as the economy turned up.


June 10, 2009
Category: Dick's Articles

Published on TheHill.com on June 9, 2009

At last, there is convincing evidence that Obama’s poll numbers may be descending to earth. While his approval remains high – and his personal favorability is

even higher – the underlying numbers suggest that a decline may be in the offing. Even as he stands on his pedestal, the numbers under his feet are crumbling.

According to a Rasmussen poll, more voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle the economy, by a margin of 45-39. Scott Rasmussen notes that this is the first time in over two years of polling that the GOP has held the advantage on this issue.” Last month, he had the Democrats holding a one-point lead, but they lost it in Junes polling.


June 9, 2009
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The data for April and May prove that Obama’s plan to rescue those facing mortgage foreclosure is a dismal failure. Since this issue was the cornerstone of his economic program during the campaign, its abject failure is a significant setback for the Administration’s economic plan.

In the month ending on May 26th, 464,983 foreclosures of subprime and Alt-A mortgages (out of a universe of 3.2 million studied). So 15% of all subprime mortgages were foreclosed in May! Only 19,041 — a paltry 6% — were modified during this period. And of those modified, only 11,200 involved any reduction in the monthly payments! Only 12% involved any write-off of interest, fees, or principal and 27% of the loan modifications actually increased the monthly payments due.


June 6, 2009
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The photo op was too good to be true. Health care providers trooped out of the White House and trumpeted their goal of saving $1.7 trillion of costs over the next decade in health spending. Now these drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, labor unions and doctors have laid out their plans in more detail.

And right there, in plain print, is the beginning of medical care rationing. Now that the cameras have been put away and the media is no longer watching, their secret emerges: They are going to cut medical costs by cutting medical care. Right now, they cite four targets. They plan to:


June 3, 2009
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The data is in for April. Here’s what happened:

1. Household personal income (inflation adjusted) rose but every penny – and then some – went into savings or paying down debts. Consumer spending, on which Obama is betting to stimulate the economy, actually fell. None of the stimulus money was sent. None.

2. Meanwhile, to pay for this stimulus spending that didn’t stimulate, Obama had to borrow so much money that long term interest rates have almost doubled since he took office, forcing postponement of abandonment of business expansion and hiring across the board.

What a record!


June 3, 2009
Category: Dick's Articles

Published on TheHill.com on June 2,2009

The Rasmussen poll conducted over the weekend of May 30-31 asked a key question designed to give us perspective on Obama’s current popularity. The question was whether the current problems “are due to the recession that began under the Bush administration or to the policies Obama has put in place since taking office.” In other words, who’s to blame, Bush or Obama?

By 62-27, voters say Bush is still the culprit.

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