By Dick Morris on November 10, 2011

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In this video commentary, I discuss who won last night’s Republican Debate at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. This was probably the most decisive of the debates. One guy got clobbered, three gained, one big time.

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minate if that has been his plan right along. That’s the difference with Romney – he has information at his fingertips as does Newt. And Cain is just a really likable guy!

  • mperoni101 on November 10, 2011 2:58 pm

    I am in agreement pretty much with Dick and the above comments as well. I thought Bachmann was spectacular and maybe Dick does not give her enough credit. I wish she was a stronger candidate because she’d have my vote in a heartbeat. I think she may be the anti-Hillary in the future.

    So, obviously my number one pick still remains Romney. I am surprised Dick did not cover Romney’s response towards the housing market. He was so quick to respond, had a very good….conservative answer as well, which i agree with. It seems that Romney has learned to give an acceptable, at the very least, answer to any question covering a variety of topics.

    Cain was also very good and he did not seem one bit nervous. Excellent character right there. I do think he should fire his top staff member, though. The guy will kill his campaign. He ran a stupid ad smoking a cigarette and did more damage blaming the harassment accuser, her son, and Politico, on Hannity’s show. He got all three wrong. That is just embarrassing.

    What Cain lacks, i think is something more than the 9-9-9 plan. It seems like that is becoming his “In Texas we did this and that” routine like Perry.

    Great summary on Newt by Dick. I am starting to like him more and more, but at the same time i fear that he is becoming McCain v2.0 in a sense that his support polling is good, his campaign funding not so good, yet he’ll end up winning the nomination. At least the only difference is that Newt’s knowledge is the size of the universe while McCain’s is the size of……Delaware?

    Perry was just awful. Almost 60% of his fundraising from last quarter came from Texas. I have been saying for a while what Dick just said in this video that Perry just talks about Texas. The US is not Texas and Texas is not the US. His memory lapse on the third fed-agency to target was just that, a memory lapse and I would not give him as much flack about it as many are. I mean, it happens to me too where I tend to know something like the back of my hand and it just disappears from my brain, temporarily. Yet, I am not running for president. He is. And his continuation in poor performances in debates is just making him a terrible candidate to consider.

    I think that any American who truly wants Obama out of office by 2013 cannot be honest with him/herself by continuing to think that Perry should be the guy to beat Obama. Not after these past performances, even the speech he gave in NH where he seemed hyper and kept saying “man” and the such, talking very un-presidential.

    Anyone who continues to support Perry right now is most likely only doing so out of religious bias, the evangelicals, or out of Texas pride. That is putting personal bias ahead of this country’s best interest. It is ridiculous.

  • luvhistory on November 10, 2011 4:04 pm

    At this stage of the game I want someone, anyone, that can beat Obummer. I fear we have not found that person. Not because no one is qualified – anyone of these people would be better than him – but too many useful idiots find Obummer appealing – astounding after all of the factual negatives he has. There just don’t seem to be enough conservatives to support what is best for America. The Ohio vote on SB5 is proof of the nanny state that so many love. This is a new time in our history and I fear we will not recover because the people love the freebies. One day the horrific negative to this will surface but it will be too late to correct it. We will be a failed country.

  • ousaou on November 11, 2011 8:15 am

    Herman Cain is my favorite, second Newt Gingrich , third Romney. Romney is so slick that he reminds me of a car salesman selling you so call economies car that is really a gas guzzler. Newt would make the most knowledgeable president, can I say, ever. His intellect may over power his cabinet to the point of asphyxiation. That would be a disaster.
    Herman Cain is, much more than the media would like to make you believe. He is a mathematician, he therefore has an intellect that dissect problems and come up with a reasoning that will work. His 999 is the perfect example. He is a American black that climbed through the ranks and succeeded, He probably went to college prior 1968, because he was talented and was willing to study hard. Herman Cain became president of the Kansas City FED, great accomplishment. Then he went to work for Pillsbury and Burger King, and God Father pizza. His astute knowledge of finances through his math background had to work for him.
    In the business world you work with all kind of people and if you are a man, you work with women. On occasions frictions exists, sexual improprieties may be construed as such by women. For certain women it is a line of defense. I am surprised that all women, so far, are white. There may be some advances that might have been appropriate from white male, was definitely not appropriate from a black man. Discrimination does exist, and is used to political ends. Herman Cain is being attacked whichever way possible, because, like Newt Gingrich his intellect may derange some politicians, Herman Cain push the envelope. He may be too much for Obama.

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    […] Who Won the Debate? (Dick Morris) In this video commentary, I discuss who won last night’s Republican Debate at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. This was probably the most decisive of the debates. One guy got clobbered, three gained, one big time. […]

  • classysinger on November 14, 2011 7:29 pm

    I appreciate it Dick when you give commentaries on all the candidates for the sake of fairness. When you do that, I can get a balanced perspective which I believe all Republicans need. Talk is cheap. When will voters realize that? We saw that in Obama. Ideally Republicans should be testing the policies, character, and fruits of service of each of these candidates and not only charismatic ability to speak .

    I felt personally that Bachmann has given some insightful answers at both the debates in South Carolina and Michigan and would have done more if she had been allowed to give input on other questions. The South Carolina debate was a strategic debate for her of which she needed a break out moment. To be stifled by moderators when the debate rules specifically invited interjections is both tremendously unfair and manipulative. Add to that the post debate discovery through a misdirected email to her campaign from CBS that the debate was rigged against her anyway. That would be infuriating to anyone who is investing time, money and energy to be at these debates!

    This is where I disagree that questioning should equal polling status. The unfair questioning formats not only destroy the vetting process for candidates but the competition of ideas which at any point could make a difference in poll standings for anyone of the candidates. This destroys the ability of Republicans to conduct a fair nomination process and to arrive at their best choice for the presidential race against Obama. However, the media battle between liberals and conservatives continues to rage under the surface. The libs want a candidate with enough baggage that they can exploit to give Obama another term. Those in the conservative media have their favorites as well but rightly take offence at the liberal media’s invasion and manipulation in their political affairs to effect a Republican party nominee of their choosing. So there is enough blame to go around but particularly towards the liberal media’s inability keep their noses clean.

  • southernpatriot on November 15, 2011 4:12 pm

    Southern patriot on November 15, 2011
    Who doesn’t have baggage.I would rather see a conservative with some common sense idea’s who has plans on how to get America out of the mess we are in,then a moderate or a novice run against Obama. This is the most important election that this great Republic has ever faced and we had better get it right this time. This is still a great Nation and the thought of moving to the dark side of the political spectrum for a Marxist or socialist way of life,is Da* frighting.You can’t say on the one hand you won’t support a candidate who has baggage and then say Romney’s flip flops are no worse then any other candidates and not include Newt.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but the time is now for Newt for President.Thanks for letting me have my 2-cents worth of opinion. Have a good day. Southern Patriot