By Dick Morris on September 8, 2011

Dear Friend,

In this video commentary, I discuss last night’s GOP Debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. There was a clear winner and a clear loser. Otherwise, some candidates moved up and some fell back. See my take on it all!

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  • vidablue on September 8, 2011 9:27 pm

    Sorry Dick, but I disagree with part of your impression of the debate. You disagree about the SS and Perry, however I agree with other comments. As for the vaccine, I can see both sides of this issue; however since most insurance doesn’t cover the cost, (which is around $600) then it was a way in which parents could have had their daughter protected without trying to figure out how to pay for this prevention of cancer.

    Personally I thought Perry looked rather haggard and rightfully so since he has been in Texas dealing with crisis of the fires. However I can see how some people automatically dislike any candidate from Texas for several reasons. The fact that Texas has been successful than other states in several different areas, like jobs and taxes… and the rate in which people have been moving to Texas… speaks volume about their economy. However some still don’t have a great deal of respect for TX because it is portrayed as backward with people who lack intelligence. However, since Perry has been governor, he must be doing right or Texas would be like so many other states. (note: seems a bit strange that the EPA regulations with such a short time frame just hit, which could have an impact on Texas jobs, for a while.)

    Romney has been around so long and I have never been a supporter. Paul, well, like you said is ‘just Paul’ being Paul and doing what he does best bashing especially Perry.

  • blueskygal on September 8, 2011 11:23 pm

    It was the “purists” in the Republican party the last time who didn’t support McCain and thus handed the Presidency to Obama. We need someone who can win this time… Dick is right the Dems will never let up on the social security statements by Perry.

    I’m not impressed at all with Perry and I am tired of the press and pundits crowning someone king before he has done anything. The big difference between Romney and Perry for me is that Romney was a businessman and actually created jobs and therefore knows better how regs can strangle growth. Perry was in government the whole time and voters are not looking for another bureaucrat like Obama – after seeing the destruction. Perry is a bureaucrat who likes to talk tough but he never made his own payroll.

    I would agree with the outrageous social security tax on business owners.. that needs to be changed. The social security concept is not wrong — it was the corrupt polls who kept stealing from it that created the problem.

  • Willfly on September 9, 2011 5:30 pm

    How do we get a vetting of “Promises made … and broken.” David Mamet in his most recent book (noted below quote) says of of the liberal mentality in general, “he explains the abysmal performance of Obama by saying “look at the mess he inherited,” as if the President did not campaign (as do all politicians) on the platform of cleaning up the prior mess.”
    Mamet, David (2011). The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture (Kindle Locations 1558-1559). Sentinel. Kindle Edition.

  • Willfly on September 9, 2011 5:41 pm

    Why not level the Import/Export playing field by considering and assessing import taxes based on (1) wage differentials and disparities between the exporting country and the USA regardless of whether the company is a USA-based company (i.e. General Electric etc); (2) OSHA and worker safety regulation disparities between the exporting country and the USA; and (3) EPA differentials. If companies based in other countries had to ‘compete’ on the same playing field (one way or another), I believe fewer USA based companies would take their business out of country. That would seem to level the economic playing field and balance the differences between overseas worker costs, and USA-based corporations and business worker costs, wouldn’t it?

  • Willfly on September 9, 2011 5:46 pm

    Regarding the housing purchasing requirements: Why not keep foreclosure sales (by banks and other lending institutions in one valuation assessment camp under those rules and reg.s and all non-foreclosure home sales in a different valuation assessment basket? This is what has led to many people into being upside down on their mortgages… let those who want to buy foreclosures do so at the foreclosure rate and those who don’t, at the “other market” rate.

  • Willfly on September 9, 2011 6:01 pm

    To “NotPropagandized” (above): I have just recently retired and my SS wage benefit will be cut almost in half. I have more than the 40 quarters needed and have been paying in since the 60’s (on and off, more on than off). A few years ago Congress decided since I (and many others) were smart enough to not only put in to SS but to also save “other” retirement funds, I only need to receive about half of what I should be getting from SS. That is a pill hard to swallow, although pills (vitamins, etc) may be the only thing I can now afford.
    BTW, I am in no way one of the “wealthy” that is often spoken of. My annual retirement almost breaks $50K.

  • Willfly on September 9, 2011 6:03 pm

    Nonetheless Dick and Eileen, keep up the hard work of analysis and interpretation. Your points of view and “lunch talks” are much appreciated by me…. Thanks so much.

  • J Nelson on September 13, 2011 11:22 am

    Have you seen Perry’s transcripts. I know transcripts are not always a true measure of intelligence, but they reflect much more on further investigation. His aspirations to be an equine veterinarian are interesting and a little research shows some potentially very controversial Judicial appointments and appointments to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners influenced by Perry’s past aspirations. Because of his judicial appointments and Vet Board appointments, it is impossible for the public to obtain any justice in Veterinary Medical Malpractice claims in Texas. I feel his appointment of Judge Graham Quisenberry in Parker County, Texas is just one example of judicial appointments influenced by Perry’s ties to the equine/AQHA/Cutting Horse Industry. You can bring a claim or a complaint against a vet to the Vet’s Board, but it will fall on the deaf ears of Perry appointees and those influenced by those appointees. Any claim brought in Parker County, that is adverse to Perry’s cronies (Vets and their financial interests) will encounter the apparent collusion between the judges, attorney’s, vets that are all friends and business associates and that have ties to Perry and/or the Cutting Horse Industry. You will be hard pressed to find an attorney in Parker County who will take a malpractice claim against an equine vet, which is odd considering it is the Cutting Horse Capital. Of course equine medicine has its ties to pharmaceuticals.

    This concern my not appear to be a concern to the average voter, but I think Perry’s ties to this controversy and what appears to be a corrupt industry and the contribution by Perry appointees is significant and will be a main issue for Perry should he remain a contender in the race. This issue has been brought to the attention of prominent democratic leaders and will be used as ammunition against Perry if needed.

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