By Dick Morris on October 18, 2011

Dear Friend,

Tonight’s debate will determine if Herman Cain is just the flavor of the month or whether he has real staying power to compete with Romney. Will his 999 plan fly or be shot down? Can Perry recoup some of his losses? Will Romney stay on top?

Watch tonight’s GOP debate with me! Come to 8 PM Eastern and follow my minute-by-minute comments on the debate as it unfolds. We have been drawing over 60,000 people who follow the debate with me. Spread the word to your friends and family! Let’s have a fun night together!



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;wisdom” and “leadership”. The word “baggage” is what is yester-year. Additionally, I respect how he brings the debate back to hashing out ideas in a productive, mature manner.

Herman Cain is still in my top 2 choices and continues to demonstrate handily his aptitude to lead this country out of the woods. I need to look closely at the 999 plan. I thought it meant out with the old before adding the new plan; I will go to his website myself. I am only interested if it is out with all the old .. including out with all the loopholes, replaced by the 999 plan.

On the negative:
I am completely turned off by Perry’s style..which is primarily one of attack. It was personal and unproductive. I have marked him off my short list.

Overall I felt Anderson Cooper was mostly interested to start cat fights for ratings, and those that took the bate brought embarrasment to themselves. Romney did well to deflect the attacks, but he got some of the mess on himself too!

Santorum also hurt himself by agressively attacking when he could have done much better for himself by being firm not ugly. His views are good but I cannot back that temperment. We need a uniter, not another devider.

Thanks for letting me share.

  • blueskygal on October 18, 2011 11:21 pm

    Only got to watch the highlights as I was working. WIll watch the full debate tomorrow. Cain failed to defend his plan. The more it is exposed the more it is obvious it is not a good idea. His example of “you have 5% imbedded taxes and I’m replacing it with 9%” – did anyone catch that? I mean really! THe analyses are proving it is not fair the lower middle class. His sails will fold as more and more folks realize this. This goes right to his credibility and judgement in letting a financial advisor craft this plan for him.

    Perry does not have the temperament to be President. His attacks are silly and can’t defend his record. And that put down comment to Bachmann that just because she’s in Congress can’t understand the border.. well she blew him away with the math she did about what it is costing us. And yes it is costing folks every day i see it here as illegals get benefits, reduced bus fare, food stamps etc. I see it in my everyday life and are local taxes in Tucson are 9%! Break the magnets, run e-verify and relentlessly prosecute those who hire illegals. In the last year one of our local supermarket chains got busted and fired 200 illegals and every job immediately taken by unemployed citizens! Illegals borrow in the safe cushy government jobs and then try to usurp our system with la raza which was taught in our schools that teaches anti-american concepts!

    Mitt kept his cool as usual and looks great. but what will he do with wall street crowd? he was one of them.

  • mperoni101 on October 19, 2011 12:15 am

    Oh come on. There were no lies about Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. I think Newt said it best and Cain admitted to it. There are more specifics and details in how the 9-9-9 would work, what components would be affected by it, and what would change. Cain never bothered to explain any of that and he needs to.

    Bachmann is a tax lawyer and she did not lie and she justly challenged Cain. Bachmann is not a conservative? Santorum? Paul? They are not “so called conservatives”, Georgiahooser.

    Cain, so far, is only offering a new tax code plan and it has its risks. Simply telling that he will require Congress to have a 2/3 vote in order to change it is pretty much giving an open door to change those numbers. If that tax code was in activated in 2006, and we had it in 2008………guess what? Kiss the 9-9-9 plan goodbye, Obama and the Dems would have jacked it up.

  • mperoni101 on October 19, 2011 12:51 am

    The debate was entertaining and it made it worthwhile to watch it. I expected it to be boring, slow, unproductive, and turning a lot of people off.

    I thought Anderson Cooper was dreadful. The worst moderator so far and I hope he does not do it again. He was loving setting the candidates up to argue and battle against each other. He did not have any control on the floor, and did not enforce any rules. Absolutely unacceptable.

    On to the candidates.

    Santorum: Received boos, and did not do well overall. He showed aggressiveness and bitterness again and did not help himself with that attitude.

    Paul: More should have been discussed on his new, unrealistic $1 trillion cut plan. Saying that he would cut funding to Israel (pretty much), was an example of why he should not even be running, and showing terrible diplomatic skills in worldwide affairs.

    Cain: I did not like everyone on stage ganging up on him, but it was expected at some point. He seemed surprised by it and very uncomfortable as well. Welcome to politics Cain. This is nothing compare to what Obama and liberals will be doing to you if you win the nomination. The electric border fence idea was silly, stupid, and should not be a joke. This is just one small example of Cain’s flaw in lack of experience towards other issues. I did not like his rambling on the apples and oranges talk. I got his drift, but he was ignoring what Romney was trying to say, that his 9-9-9 would go on top of state’s taxes. It seems that Cain is running on his 9-9-9 plan and that’s it. If Cain is going to run on that policy as his strength, and has weaknesses across the board in other subject, then he will need a sizable majority to approve of it because if 50% of Americans like that plan, it will guarantee him a loss against Obama. Otherwise, Cain handled himself well and kept his cool.

    Romney: Clearly a winner, again. He should fix his stuttering, but Romney took cheap shots from Perry and Santorum well. He responded confidently to all of the questions. His debating skills drastically improved since 2008. He got the crowd’s support when being attacked by Perry. He pulled a play out of Newt’s playbook in trying to unify the group at some point. Romney just keeps a constant performance in every debate and that is the key in the results shown that he wins these debates. I understand that he is not a true conservative, but I also understand that there is not one true conservative that can beat Obama now. Romney keeps swinging, and it is more evident to me that he is the man to beat Obama.

    Perry: I will be shocked if he remains at 10% support in the polls after tonight’s performance. He was awful. No. Worse than awful. He was arrogant, rude…. and Romney was getting quite red faced at Perry’s interruptions. Perry appears to lose appeal and credibility with the way he handles these debates; and, adding to that, he performs worse each time. In fact, this could risk his popularity in Texas as well. He simply lost it altogether when he illogically decided to bring up the discussion regarding Romney’s issue with hiring a lawnmower company that had illegal immigrants. Cooper said “we went down that road”, while the audience booed at Perry, and Romney clearly gained the support. Perry also lost it when the hispanic person asked a question and Perry did not answer it. He went back to his memorized talking points to talk about jobs and energy, not immigration. A dreadful performance by Perry and I think after this he is finished. He should drop out and go back to governing Texas.

    Gingrich: He did well and I just love listening to him. His intelligence is unmatched. Knowledge is unmatched. He tried to trick Romney, but Romney got him back with the individual healthcare mandate. Newt tried to distance himself from that fact, but it didn’t work. He agreed to it, and that’s all that matters. Nonetheless, he still performs extremely well and he could be the dark horse in winning Iowa or South Carolina.

    Bachmann: Probably her best debate thus far. She was on top of her game. She gave quick answers. She did not ramble. She had a superb moment trying to connect with women. Obviously it was pandering, but I think she succeeded in that moment. She kept going after Obama in nearly all of her answers. She challenged Cain very well and Cain has to be careful with Bachmann. She is a tax lawyer and knows the subject extremely well.

    Three Stars:

    Three Losers:

  • Patriot2060 on October 19, 2011 8:03 am

    Newt for President that is what everyone should be saying. He is qualified to start on day one….. Could you imagine a debate between Newt and Obama, Obama probably would not show up at least not after Newt put it to him on the first debate. Obama has made conservatives sound like we do not know what we are talking about. Who do you think would put it to Obama and say it the way America wants it to be said, yep Newt would. That is exactly what America and conservatives want. Put Obama in his place and show the world we are able to see through this political agendas. Wake up America or you will be disappointed not for another 4 years but rather it could change America forever.