Tell Obama: Don’t Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty!

By Dick Morris on June 3, 2013

Dear Friend,

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Tell Obama: Don’t Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty!

This week, President Obama will officially be presented with the UN Arms Trade Treaty ratified by the United Nations General Assembly. We have to battle to stop him from signing the treaty which amounts to nothing less than backdoor gun control.

Since the U.S. voted for the treaty, Obama is expected to sign it eventually. But our pressure not to sign has the Administration backing away. White House sources have indicated that Obama is afraid of the reaction of NRA members to the Treaty. A leading supporter of the Treaty said this week that while the Administration supports the Treaty, “there’s a lot of political hand-wringing going on. They know people are going to be paying attention to this particular issue on this particular day.” She thinks “Obama will eventually sign the treaty, she wouldn’t be surprised if he waited to sign under the cover of darkness in August.”

We’ve got to keep up the pressure! If we shine a bright spotlight on the Treaty, there will be no “good time” for him to sign it.

Even if you have signed other petitions already, please sign this petition so we can keep you posted anytime Obama’s signature nears the despised document. We must keep our Second Amendment rights intact!

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Tell Obama: Don’t Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty!

Thank you,

Dick Morris

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