By Dick Morris on December 1, 2011

Does President Barack Obama get a vote in the Republican primary? Apparently, he wants one. His campaign organization has targeted Mitt Romney for negative ads, a sure sign that he would rather run against Newt than against Mitt.

He may not be right. His political judgment is, after all, flawed. But he likely sees the race in ideological terms — as he sees the world — and would rather run against a strong conservative like Newt than someone with moderate credentials like Romney.

How do we know? Obama is now running ads, through the Democratic Party, in Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin attacking Romney for changing his position on abortion. The ad begins with an announcer saying, in ominous tones, that he is about to describe the drama of “two men inhabiting one body.” No, he is not talking about Sybil, the multiple personality disorder. He is attacking Romney for once having been pro choice and now being pro life. Apparently Obama does not understand that Mitt — like Reagan, Nixon, and Bush-41 before him, have abandoned their pro choice positions as they came to know more about the issue and embraced a pro life posture.

But where are the ads attacking Gingrich? There aren’t any. It is unprecedented for a Democratic candidate to take sides in a Republican presidential primary. But Obama is doing it. He is scared to death of Romney. All of the things which make his nomination more problematic among conservatives, strengthen his credentials to defeat Obama in November. His former pro choice posture, his embrace of gay civil unions (but not marriage), and his sponsorship of Romneycare in Massachusetts — despite its obvious differences from Obama’s program — make him more acceptable to independents. So Obama is determined to vote in the Republican Primary for Newt.

Bill Clinton, doubtless following the same instincts, says positive things about Gingrich. The Democrats want to defeat Romney.

But they may be wrong. Newt is the better debate and would, doubtless, destroy Obama in a face to face confrontation. And Newt’s creative thinking and original ideas might well appeal to an electorate used to sound bites that mean nothing and lead nowhere.

Whether Obama and his strategists are right or wrong to root for Newt to win the Republican primary, we conservatives must deny them a vote in our contest. We should note their position and take it into account in our own votes. But don’t let Obama tell us who to nominate.

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ite of what he really wants. Gingrich will reply to any attacks Obama puts out either in ads or in a debate with clarity and humility. Obama can’t beat that because the American people are exactly that good people. I think you should take a vacation so you think more clearly yourself Mr. Morris. Obama has only one option with Newt to and it probably was Clintons idea since he is endorsing Newt as well. The idea that Obama would think the American people are so stupid to fall for such a stunt is not only insulting but I hope the American people wake up enough to hold all of the socialist accountable so this kind of thing won’t happen again. It days like this that I understand why our ancestors were so strict and followed more of the old testament.

I would like to know why so many folks in the political arena are fighting for Romney to be the candidate yet most are saying Newt is the insider but no one in that arena is speaking out for him. Probably because Newt isn’t an insider like you and others are trying to feed us. I believe the reason why Newt made so many republicans mad in the 90’s is because he made them go the right direction and they didn’t like it. I definitely would like to see the republicans be forced to more further to the right and the democrats voted out of office.

Romney is no better then Bush junior and senior. The only difference between Romney and the Bush’s is that Romney speaks a little more intelligent. Gingrich is much more intelligent and would turn our country into a conservative and honest one with values and principles that would last for generations until we the people allow another Obama to enter our government with so many liberals in the position to support his every whim. I don’t care for Romney and Gingrich well at least I can understand what he is saying and what his ideas are. Isn’t that the base of being a good CEO having goals and ideas to move to a better tomorrow. Obama his goals and ideas he could not share with the American people because they are not to help America but hurt her intentionally. Politics hurts us because politicians tend to do what will get them reelected not what is right. If Newt pissed off a lot of politicians then he must be doing something right. God Bless Newt and guide him in his path to the white house.

  • dalewis220 on December 2, 2011 7:16 am

    Hi All, just remember there are other candidates out there other than Newt and Romney. I would suggest that you look at some of the others with an open mind. Personally I like Herman Cain and don’t believe all the Women that can’t offer any real proof of wrong doing. Remember the media did the same thing to Sara Palin. Everyone should be outraged over this, because if they can do it to Herman Cain and Sara Palin they can do it to you or your candidate.

  • Laurence Cohn on December 2, 2011 11:34 am

    The focus for the GOP should be to promote a GOP candidate can bring to the table – The only stategy should be by the GOP and candidate advertising is attacking the record of Obama and not each other. Let the candidates comment on issues and promote themselves during the debates. As it stands now the only viable candidates are Newt & Mitt to defeat Obama – The rest of the field are wasting their time, bring nothing to the table and are taking up valuable air time – They should drop out of the race. As far as I’m concerned there is only one candidate that can effectively bring both sides of the isle together to do what has to be done to put this country back on track – Newt Gingrich!

  • FLChristyB on December 2, 2011 12:51 pm

    Well, as much as I hate that the Demorats have been picking our nominee for so many years, this time I think they are shooting themselves in the foot!! How could Odumbo believe that he stands a chance against Newt? As Dick said, Newt would destroy him in a face to face debate. I can only assume that they have something on Newt (or think they do) that they will bring out if he gets the nomination. If they think that, because Newt is the more conservative of the two, that he cannot win the election, then they truly are living in a bubble. Conservatism has taken hold big time, many that may have considered themselves ‘moderate’ before are embracing stronger conservative, constitutional, principles.

    There are a lot of older Democrats that are really conservatives, they just don’t know it! I have talked to so many older people, like my own father, who are life long Democrats, but you ask them their position on a whole range of issues, and they take the conservative approach every time! The only reason my father still dislikes Republicans, is the same old, lame and bogus crap they have been fed their entire lives, and that is the story that Republicans are in the pocket of big oil companies. That’s it, that is the only argument he and his friends ever have against Republicans!

    He, and many of his democrat friends, are sickened by what is taking place in our Country now. They see everything they had, falling apart and they are ANGRY! Sorry Odumbo, if you think Newt is too conservative to be elected, you are very, very, much mistaken.

  • bilko248 on December 2, 2011 8:26 pm

    Mr. Morris,

    I’ve heard your commentary regarding Mitt vs. Newt in several forums. I’d like to respectfully offer you another perspective if I may.

    1. Most believe that Mitt is more of a moderate conservative than Newt. By most measure that is true. However, Mitt took a hard line stance on immigration whereas Newt took a moderate stance. I believe that a Republican cannot win the presidency without getting some of the minority vote. Mitt assured that he will not be able to get any of the minority vote due to his strong stance on immigration. Alternatively, Newt was wise to take a softer stance on immigration and did so in a logical way that will be acceptable to most conservatives and some minorities. Because of the immigration issue alone, I think that Newt is more electable than Mitt. Other issues that would make Newt more conservative than Mitt will not be given the same level of scrutiny in the general election. Thus, I believe Newt to be more moderate than Mitt and thus more electable.

    2. I’m concerned that Mitt does not offer a lot of contrast to Barack Obama in the general election. Some of Mitt’s past policies were not only moderate, but they were liberal in some instances. I’m also concerned that Mitt does not have the star power to energize people. Thus, I believe Obama will beat Mitt because his [Mitt’s] most substantive policies are similar to those of Obama, but Obama has the ability to excite and energize people, whereas people don’t seem to respond to Mitt.

    3. Bill Clinton offered a subtle endorsement of Newt. Most believe that Clinton is trying to manipulate politics in order to promote a less electable conservative [Newt] in anticipation of the general election. I disagree. I believe that the Clinton’s do not support Obama although they would never admit it publicly. Here’s why: Clinton presented an economic plan himself that was in stark contrast to Obama’s. Isn’t it peculiar that a successful living President (that is, one who served two terms) took an opposing position to a sitting President in his [Clinton’s] own party. Also, Hillary will not return as Secretary of State. I think that is because she would like to begin separating herself from Obama. Therefore, I think that Bill Clinton is favoring Newt because Newt is finding creative ways to find common ground amongst conservatives and liberals without compromising conservative values. Bill Clinton did the same thing while he was in office without compromising his liberal values. I think Bill Clinton’s subtle endorsement of Newt is sincere and it will help Newt with Independents in the general election.

    4. Newt takes risks and offers solutions that challenge people’s thinking, whereas Mitt only offers safe solutions that are simply in alignment with National Republican Party principles. We need someone as President who can challenge our thinking and the thinking of leaders in other Counties in order regain our prominence in the world. I believe that Newt has a stronger ability to offer such solutions than Romney.

    5. Obviously, I’m strongly in favor of Newt. I’d ask that you consider the perspectives that I’ve presented here. I want the best conservative that we have to take on Obama and I would hate for people to assume that Mitt is that person for superficial and unfounded reasons regarding what is belived to be “electable.”

    6. In the end, I vote for whatever conservative gets the nomination, but in the primary, I vote for Newt.

    Thank You.

  • sammy on December 3, 2011 8:16 am

    Chances are Obama is frightened of Newt. He should be. If you understand the mentality of the left. They know that primary voters will turn against anyone who seems like Obama favors.

  • blueskygal on December 3, 2011 6:54 pm

    I am using my 6th sense to vet candidates. I did not get a good feeling about Cain nor Perry. I started to really like Newt until lately… he has done several things that are tipping the hand of his character.. the biggest one which was saying “i’m going to be the nominee”.

    I feel he is perhaps manic/depressive… and I don’t want that personality type in the White House. Right now he’s in his “up” mode.. but he can’t help giving himself away with his comments.. the bit about minority kids and how it was phrased was “unartful” to say the least.

    I happen to agree with him based on my experience working with a major carrier of prepaid phones. The large percentage of credit seekers (about 98%) who call in are black males and females. I often observe how hard they work to get free credit calling back many times to get undeserved or fradulent credits. This is the result of the culture they have been raised in. I do believe they have been done a disservice. But he just gave the democrats a big stick to hit him over the head with.

    So… if the guy is so smart… how can he keep making faux pas like this? It’s the character, stupid. Reminds me of Biden that way, can’t help but shoot himself in the foot.

    So despite the fact that I like his big ideas, i am now focusing on Romney… who I think it is a heck of a lot more stable than Newt. And that’s what I want in the White House… not another narcissist like Obama.