February 15, 2011
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The mainstream media does not cover the full extent of the damage the Obama Administration has inflicted on this country. Even FoxNews often doesn’t have the time to go into sufficient depth to explain what is happening.

From our friend Ruth S. King comes a chart which all of us should read and absorb, sobering though it may be:


February 15, 2011
Category: Dick's Articles

Dear Friend,

I have been working to stop Rahm Emanuel from becoming Mayor of Chicago. And we are within reach of forcing him into a runoff against Mayor Daley’s former chief of staff Gery Chico, a moderate Democrat who is definitely better than Rahm.

The election is Feb 22. Click here to see the ad we are running in Chicago.

It is very, very effective. Please donate funds to help us to keep this ad on the air!

Click here to donate.

If we stop Rahm now, we won’t have to contend with him later when he runs for president!!!


Dick Morris


February 14, 2011
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The Obama Administration and its acolytes on the Bowles-Simpson deficit reduction commission are propagating the myth that it is Social Security and Medicare that are driving the deficit over $1.5 trillion. Discretionary spending, they plead, is but a tiny part of the budget, not much worth fooling with.

The reality, as we explain Revolt! — our new book due out on March 1 – this formulation is a myth! The fact is that this deficit has been caused by a rapid runup in discretionary, non-defense spending and in welfare entitlements like Medicaid and food stamps. The key to cutting spending and slashing the deficit is not to focus on Social Security or Medicare, but on the real culprits – discretionary spending and welfare entitlements.


February 14, 2011
Category: Dick's Articles

Now is the time for the House Republicans to challenge Obama to cut spending by voting to slash non-defense discretionary spending by the full $100 billion they promised in their 2010 campaign!

The Republican leadership needs to make a bold statement and send Obama a bill that sticks in his big-spending throat. If the Senate won’t pass it or the president threatens a veto, even better. Obama’s approval ratings – recently rising to 51% from 41% in the past two months according to the FoxNews poll will fall back down again – and lower – if he gets into a fight against cutting government spending. The Republicans in the House will have called his bluff about moving to the center and will force the kind of fiscal belt-tightening they heralded during the campaign.


February 11, 2011
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Egypt is fated to be the first domino. The revolution there will inevitably spread to all of the Middle East and North Africa. The question is: Will it be an Islamic fundamentalist revolution or a democratic one?

In the fifties, anti-communists latched onto the “domino theory” to elaborate their worries about the spread of global Marxism. President Dwight D. Eisenhower explained it at a press conference on April 7, 1954:

“Finally, you have broader considerations that might follow what you would call the ‘falling domino’ principle. You have a row of dominoes set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly. So you could have a beginning of a disintegration that would have the most profound influences.”


February 10, 2011
Category: Dick's Articles

Published on on February 8, 2011

Last week’s Senate vote to reject the repeal of ObamaCare offered stark evidence that the so-called moderate Democrats in the Senate will be forced to walk the plank and vote for Obama’s liberal positions in the 2011-2012 legislative session, guaranteeing that many won’t return. Every single Democrat stood up and voted against repeal (except for one absentee and Independent, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut).


February 7, 2011
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As we canvass the nation to look for good candidates to run against incumbent Democratic Senators, let’s remember that a race against an entrenched Democrat with seasoned political operatives advising him is no place for our nominee to get on-the-job training. We need toughened, experienced candidates who have been through it before.


February 7, 2011
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The drop in unemployment the Obama Administration reported for January is totally phony. Real, unweighted data showed an increase from 9.1% to 9.8% in joblessness rather than a cut in the highly weighted figure from 9.4% to 9.0%.

Put those weighted numbers on a diet!

Economist Jim Fitzgibbon, head of the Highlander Fund, calls the report “worthless” noting that “the entire report is seasonally adjusted to be positive while the non-seasonally adjusted data is just awful.”


February 6, 2011
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Unnoticed and unreported, victory has been won!

Earmarks are gone!

First the Senate and House Republicans agreed to give them up. Then President Obama followed suit in his State of the Union. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid initially scoffed at his president’s proposal, but he was forced to back down by his colleagues and the Senate Democrats have now adopted a two-year moratorium on earmarking.


February 5, 2011
Category: Dick's Articles

Republicans are on a roll. Coming off the 2010 victory, they have gotten the Bush tax cuts extended. The courts look likely to strike down Obamacare. Americans increasingly believe that the president’s massive spending isn’t working and must come down. Even Democrats are lining up to block the EPA’s plans to restrict carbon emissions. Obama’s foreign policy lies in ruins, his coddling of Islamic fundamentalists, in the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is “coming home to roost.”

The one sure way to mess it all up is for the GOP to engage in the political equivalent of imperial over-reach and try to cut (or reform) Medicare or Social Security before the 2012 election. Attempts to cut or even alter one or the other of these programs cost Clinton control of Congress in 1994, Republicans the presidency in 1996, Bush his popularity in 2005, and Obama his Congressional majority in 2010. When will they ever learn?

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